An elegant and versatile electronic cigarettes brand, Smoke51 has attracted electronic cigarette smokers from across the world. The secret behind the brand’s products is innovation, versatility and authenticity.

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Smoke51 Starter Kits

Smoke51 offers many different e-cig starter kits. There is a kit for every type of user; from beginners to mid level and finally advanced electronic cigarette smokers, users can pick a product at Smoke51 according to their choice. The starter kits come in a unique style. However, the price of the kits is higher than the starter kits of most electronic cigarette brands.

Smoke51 Electronic Cigarette Design

The design of Smoke51’s electronic cigarettes is simple; the e-cigarettes bear a lot of resemblance to regular cigarettes. Users will not really feel a difference when they hold and smoke the cigarette except for the fact that the e-cigs will have taste and will omit vapor instead of smoke.

Disposable Cigarettes

On the other hand, interested users can also get disposable electronic cigarettes and cigarettes at Smoke51. The taste of the electronic cigarettes is authentic and they don’t omit any bad odor either. The cigarettes are available at a starting price of $29.95.

Battery Life

Smoke51’s electronic cigarettes come equipped with Lithium Ion batteries that perform well in general. The electronic cigarette will last for about 7-8 hours before users are required to charge it again. However since the batteries are durable, you can use a battery for good 3-4 months before you will have to replace it with a new one.


Smoke51 offers many different accessories for users to buy separately and enhance their smoking experience. Users can buy many different types of accessories such as car cable, car adapter, USB chargers, TRIO batteries and many others. One of the best accessories available is the carrying case that is available in different colors. Users can buy one for $24.95 and stack their e-cigs in the case to match their appeal.

Smoke51’s products are available for people above 18 years of age. The products can be purchased directly from the company’s website using payment options such as Visa, MasterCard or Discover.