Smoke Stik

Reading reviews of e-cigs is supposed to make it easier to choose a brand. Editors’ and consumers’ posts are supposed to give you faith that you are making a good decision and spending your money wisely. Read more than one Smoke Stik review, however, and you will probably come away more confused than ever.

Smoke StikOpinions on Flavor

One editor referred to their fruit flavors as disgusting. They were overly fruity.

A customer had the opposite to say. Her experience was that strawberry was surprisingly pleasant; cherry had a strong undertone of tobacco with virtually no cherry.

The only place where their dislike met in the middle was with the cappuccino flavor which did not taste authentic. Also, a sample pack lost points for not labeling individual cartomizers.

Smoke Stik Cartridges

Opinions on Power

Again, power opinions varied hugely. Customers thought in spite of the extra cost of cartridges, they got their money’s worth because they lasted longer than most cartridges. Vapor production and throat hit were good. Even with a small battery they got what they wanted out of their e-cig.

Editors’ opinions differed completely. Throat hit and vapor production were weak. The cost of cartomizers was not justified in the least.

High Points

Where Smoke Stik scored high was with their guarantee and warranty. Customers will not be disappointed in those terms, and price overall (including all parts) was not bad, but not great either.

You Also Can Try One Of Their Disposables for $12.95:


Smoke Stik Disposable

Extra Feature

This is a stylish brand. They produce shiny, sometimes bejeweled items. You can also purchase skins which go over your e-cig like a cloak. Skins feature designs like certain national flags and some additional patterns as well. They make beautiful gifts.

Starter Kits

Consumers looking for something unusual in an e-cig will find that the hardware works pretty much the same no matter what. Certain brands are more prone to leakage than others, and that is the concern voiced here.

Smoke Stik Pit Bull Kit

Their cheapest starter kit is not the cheapest out there at $39.95. It comes with one battery, two cartomizers, USB charger, and a carry case. The case is a plus, but what you really want is another battery or extra cartomizers.

Smoke Stik Carrying Case


Overall, you still pay less to smoke electronically than you would by continuing to smoke analogs. Smoke Stik is a decent, high quality brand. Their products are very nice, and their prices reflect it, as they are a bit higher than numerous other brands