Smoke Free

Smoke Free offers some nice basic ecigs. It uses basic technology to power its cigs. This makes their product ordinary in nature but there are a couple of things that the brand does really good.

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Now, with anyone looking up standard two-piece design e-cigs, I always recommend checking out V2’s electronic cigarettes.

You Can read my V2 review here if you’re in research mode checking out the top e-cig brands.

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Smoke Free ecigs are your typical electronic cigarettes that not only look like a traditional cigarette, but also feels like one. They recently started a new line of tattoo ecigs that give you more control over how your ecig looks. Some of the designs available are Pink, Black, Platinum, Gold and Red. The tattoo ecigs have no other changes in design or quality, they are only there to improve the aesthetics.

Smoke Free Kit

Starter Kits

The starter kits at Smoke Free might sound a bit expensive for some. But if you look at the contents of their standard kit, you will be amazed.

For instance, with their primary kit you get two batteries, a USB adapter, a wall charger and 20 cartridges to keep your electronic cigarette up and running. Most brands give away a portion of the goods in their  kits compared to Smoke Free.

They Also Have Some Cool Looking Flavor Cartridges:

Smoke Free Cartridges

Easy Maintenance

Smoke Free is a great brand because of one simple fact; easy maintenance. For most brands, if you lose your atomizer or your battery, you have no way to get a spare battery.

But with Smoke Free, you are free to grab any spare part you may have lost or damaged in an accident. Their accessories section not only allows you to buy chargers but also spare batteries, atomizers and cartridges. If replacement parts are your primary concern, you will be safe here.


Smoke Free is worth checking out. They offer a high quality product at a price that is quite attractive. If you are not satisfied with their ecig, you can always return the starter kit and get all your money back, so there really isn’t anything for you to lose.