SKYCIG is one of the top UK e cig companies, garnering fabulous reviews from customers who have switched from analogs. Their prices are a little steeper than in the U.S.: UK pricing tends to be a bit higher, generally.

Why is SKYCIG so popular in the UK? A close review of their history revealed that over time they have developed a reputation for good quality products. This is a company that customers trust.

They have not made a name for themselves by selling a load of different electronic cigarette models like eGo and advanced devices. SKYCIG sells cigalikes to consumers who recently gave up smoking and their focus is clear in the flavors they sell. The list is short: a few tobacco options, menthol, vanilla, cherry, and cinnamon.

Maybe Englishmen and women are not into heavy nicotine because ratings only go up to 18mg with two other levels of 12mg and 6mg. Decrease your consumption gently, but not all the way to zero.

There are just two starter kits to select from. One is the basic SKYCIG Start with a USB and mains charger, only three refills, a battery, and a case which resembles a real cigarette package. Pay £20 (roughly $30 USD).

A SKYCIG Freedom kit contains a charging case, two batteries, and 5 cartridges. It costs about £50 or around $75.

The portable charging case is a nice touch and very useful to ex-smokers who tended to light up wherever they could. If you are a vaper who works on the road, this is essential to your peace of mind and ability to stay away from analogs.

Prices for refill packages start at £10.95 (about $15.50) but prices are reduced when you purchase more at a time. Their site does not appear to say how many cartridges are contained in a box, which makes it difficult to compare this price with others.

SKYCIG offers free shipping on orders over £45, which is pretty standard.