Sin City Vapor

A good thing about the name Sin City Vapor is that you instantly know where this business is located: Las Vegas, Nevada. Actually, there are shops in and around Las Vegas such as the suburb Henderson, for instance. Unfortunately, for Sin City Vapor, reviews are variable. The funny thing about Sin City Vapor is that it began in 2009 with a swap meet. What a unique way to start any business.

Sin City Vapor Review

I would encourage vapers to start with the website and go from there simply because in-person encounters are not always the best. An interesting development in the e cig industry is unfolding and Sin City Vapor is a part of that.

They are asking consumers to stand up for their right to vape and keep “BIG TOBACCO” from making it harder for them. The legalities around e cigarettes appear to be in a state of uncertainty. I have never seen a page exhort customers to write to various bodies in favor of e cigarettes before, but it is good that a business is warning consumers.

Plenty of Choice

Moving along with a review of the site, products listed are the usual: Innokin, Kanger, and so on. Some pictures are great, such as the ones of an Innokin iCear Tank. Against the black backdrop, its transparent surface shows up beautifully in different poses, indicating the flexibility of its mouthpiece.

Other photos are too dark and do not show up well. You always have to read product descriptions anyway to be sure of what you are receiving, but these need improvement.

Starter Kits

Sin City Vapor carries the Kanger T3S Kit, which is two complete units plus one case. Receive two batteries, two bottom coil clearomizers, two replacement coils, a USB charging cable, leather case, and 15mls of e liquid for $79.95. The addition of juice is a nice touch that is absent from a lot of kits; a wise choice by Sin City Vapor.

A bottle of juice would normally cost $9.95 bought separately, and there are lots of tempting flavors. Anise is that licorice-flavored plant. Concord Grape and Pearanoid are two more of the many.


Sometimes the prices here are great. Other times they are just so-so. You could probably get a 900mAh eGo battery for less than $14.95, but you could pay more too.