RW Vapors

New York is not short of e cig companies; there are loads to choose from. One of them, in Batavia, is RW Vapors. The physical store is open Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday, but they also sell products online thereby reaching a wider audience throughout New York and the country. Each order comes with a free 3ml sample of liquid: this is smart, attractive marketing.

RW Vapors Site

The website is very basic but extremely easy to use. Buy soft cartomizer tips in a small bag for $1.25. Pick up a long, slim red or aluminum drip tip for a dead cheap $2.95. A 510 to 901 or KR8 adapter costs $2.95 as well. So far so good: I cannot complain about pricing.

RW Vapors Review: E Liquid

When it comes to vapor juice, customers are only paying $6.95 for 15mls and it is made in the United States. You cannot argue with that. The propylene glycol is United States Pharmacy grade and only in the mixture as part of flavor suspension. The ratio of VG/PG favors vegetable glycerin.

Flavors come under categories such as beverages, fruit, sweets, etc. Vape on apple cider, black tea, or Cheach liquid which is cherry and peach blended. Puff on Vanilla Brandy, 555, or Maple tobacco. The 555, Maple, and Groucho tobaccos are all new flavors.

A Bricks and Mortar Shop

It usually appears that vaping stores sell just vaping related items, including shirts and hats. Even if they sell apparel it always has some connection to electronic cigarettes or e juice however tenuous. RW Vapors is a multi-purpose store. Their products include gifts and novelty items. That is probably for the best because their line-up is not huge. The addition of supplementary products makes a store look more successful.

Customers love RW Vapors. Visit their Facebook page to find out more about product range and people running the shop.