Roar Vapor

Roar Vapor specializes in custom ecigarette flavors made by Vapor Mike. The flavors are homemade recipes that can be used in a variety of different electronic cigarettes. Roar Vapor website makes sure that you get everything you need to use the custom blends created by them.

VaporZone JetIf you like custom flavors and buying the big tank e-cigarettes, my personal preference is Vapor Zone.

To me, these two companies have a similar business model but Vapor Zone is on a whole different level.

Their website:

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Roar Vapor primarily focuses on customized electronic cigarette flavors. But as mentioned earlier, the company also has the tools available to use their flavors. In order to use Roar Vapor custom flavors, you can buy starter kits right off from their website. They have products from Vivi, Kanger, SmokeTech and JoyeTech. The electronic cigarettes are not created by Roar Vapor, hence you can use any supported ecig with their blends.


One of the primary reasons why you will ever visit Roar Vapor is for their unique and custom flavor blends. There are tons of different blends available to pick from and most of them are created with utmost care so you get the best out of the juice.

Some of the most popular flavor categories at Roar Vapor include Cinnamon, Poison, Hawaiian, Truth Serums and other unique blends that you will never find anywhere. Unlike other brands, Roar Vapor has very unique blends with catchy names.

For example, there is a flavor known as ‘Earl Gray Slut’, which is essentially a mixture of Earl Gray flavor. There are other similar names on the website so it is recommended that it should only be visited by adults.


Roar Vapor has developed a reputation amongst advanced ecigarette users thanks to their custom blends. If you are tired of trying flavors from high end brands without desired results, you have come to the right place. Roar Vapor originated simply to provide more freedom and control over what you vape. Their flavors are extremely good to taste and feel exactly like the way they describe them to be.