Pure Cigs

Pure Cigs could be better, but it could also do worse. Call me ambivalent. If I had the choice of e cig companies, this may not be my first one. But for the price, they would serve my purposes in a pinch. Some of their issues are easier to fix than others.

Pure Cigs eGo Express KitPure Cigs Review

For instance, I could pay a lot more than Pure Cigs asks for their express kits. Even an eGo Express pack is just $19.99 and a Spinner express is $29.99. Beating that will take some doing.

Pure Cigs sells their own stuff, but also models like the Innokin iTaste 134 and others. You could find a bargain here without really trying.

Pure Cigs Website

I have to point out how much I like the website right away because so many websites recently have failed to impress me. This one is really positive for visual people. I sometimes wonder what all of the text is about on other pages, but I can see right away whether a product is worth considering at Pure Cigs.

Of course, it helps if the images are eye catching, and these ones got my attention. Besides, Pure’s logo and packaging feature refreshing, appealing colors.

The only thing they should add is more information for each model. I was disappointed with how little was posted for that iTaste, for instance. I saw the price for a mod ($139.99) but not what came with it or why I would want one.


Cartomizers come in two forms: black XL and regular, cigarette-paper yellow. The large ones cost $16.99 for 5, but the standard ones are priced $14.99 which is also the standard tag.

Prices are fine: customers take issue with performance. Their cartridges run out too quickly, and they do not taste all that great. Suddenly a reasonably priced pack of five cartridges becomes expensive because clients need more of them.