Being called ProSmoke, one would expect an advanced vape out of the company. After reviewing the firm’s offerings and client impressions, it is difficult to say they even supply a good beginner’s cigalike.

Customers have complained about batteries overheating and performance that starts well but deteriorates steadily. Apparently, you can expect this from any mini e-cig.

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Does ProSmoke just take the brunt of consumer’s poor experience with starter kits? Are some low reviews aimed at ProSmoke really more appropriately aimed at mini cigs in general? You could argue that once you have the feel for disposable e-cigs, it would be wise to buy a Joyetech 510 and skip cigalikes, but that is not everyone’s feeling. Some e-cigs at this level work very well.

The trouble is that ProSmoke is not producing great vapor or good flavors. Juice leaks. Prices start high. At least, you can replace the atomizers for $9.99, but cartridges generally run out of steam pretty fast.

Beginner’s Kits

Starter kits and disposables give consumers an inexpensive taste of vaping. A disposable is designed to be used once and is, thus, very cheap. It cannot be taken apart easily, so do not try to work the battery and atomizer apart or refill the cartridge. You’ll end up in a mess. Just recycle it and move on.

A starter kit is another option, but an expensive one in the case of ProSmoke. It’s not that I object to $59.99 for the basic kit with two batteries, 5 atomizers, a cigarette box, adaptor, and USB charger. This is an okay (if not great) price. What I wish they had was an express kit featuring one battery and a USB charger plus a couple of cartridges. A person could get a feel for the system inexpensively this way before committing to a bigger kit with hardware and extra batteries.

Short on Flavor

Those unremarkable flavors noted above come to a total of 8, a small number. Some mini cig companies have made the decision to go with just a few cartridge styles so as not to overwhelm new vapors. In the case of ProSmoke, there is only one menthol-style cartridge, a single tobacco selection, three fruits, coffee, and two dessert flavors.

If I had my druthers, this situation would be altered somewhat to reflect the varied tobacco favorites ex-smokers are looking for, such as rich, slightly sweet, or Turkish-style tobacco.

In Closing

I can’t say I’m impressed with ProSmoke. Sure, lots of clients have come out to bat on their side. Maybe this company, based in Bloomingdale, Illinois, just needs to build up speed before really impressing vapers. There is still time: vaping is so new that ProSmoke could redesign products and re-emerge a winner.


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