Premium Vapes

Known for its quality products, vapor volume and affordability, Premium Vapes is an all-Americna e-cig brand. At Premium Vapes, users can get electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars and e-cig related products/accessories. 

E-Cig Design

Premium Vapes electronic cigarettes are simple yet unique in design. The brand offers users the choice and liberty of choosing the electronic cigarettes in whichever color they like. Each electronic cigarette has a tip and is cylindrical in shape.


All starter kits available at Premium Vapes come with two batteries. However, users can get separate batteries from the company’s site to ensure they get uninterrupted access to cigarette smoking. After initial recharge, you can expect 5-7 hours of interrupted cigarette smoking before you have to charge your batteries again. The battery life of Premium Vapes e-cigs is decent and much better than the battery life of other standard e-cigs.


Premium Vapes offers high quality e-liquid in many different flavors. The most popular flavors at Premium Vapes are tobacco, menthol, watermelon and Irish cream. However, there is abundance when it comes to flavors and users can pick one according to their preferences. In addition, Premium Vapes offers refill cartridges separately in all the flavors. A standard quick pick refill cartridge is available for $12.50 whereas separate cartridges such as menthol are available for the same price as well.

Electronic Cigars

Premium Vapes offers electronic cigars. The vapor volume of the cigars is thick and they taste great too. The cigars are available in different flavors and packs such as mini 1 pack, mini 3 pack and others.  Moreover, users can also get e-cigar kits instead of e-cig kits. Premium Vapes offers one e-cigar kit (priced at $74.95). The kit comes with 2 batteries, 1 atomizer, 5 cartridges and wall charger.

Nicotine Strength

Users can pick the nicotine strength of their e-cigs and cigars but few kits are sold with predetermined nicotine content. For instance, the e-cigar starter kit comes with 16mg of nicotine. However, in e-cig kits, users can decide from the following nicotine variations: 24mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0 mg.

Other Products

Alongside e-cigars and e-cigs, users can also get Disposable E-Cigs at Premium Vapes. The disposable e-cigs are cost friendly and are great for people who don’t want to get involved in the hassles of charging and are on the go a lot. Additionally, users can also get plenty of accessories such as carrying case, design cases, cartomizer skins and more.