Platinum Vapes

If you want a good supply of e-cig stock, including nicotine juice and electronics, Platinum Vapes could be the right choice. This is especially true for residents of San Jose, Newark, or Hayward, California. These are the three locations for Platinum Vapes so far. Customers around the United States can also enjoy Platinum Vapes from the comfort of home.

Platinum Vapes Review

Nicotine liquids chosen by Platinum Vapes are made by popular companies such as Bamskilicious, Baked Vapes, Caterpillar, Kustom, Lucid, and others. Sort them by their position, name, or price. This selection gives you assorted styles of propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio for vapor-rich juices or ones that supply a solid throat hit. All of these are top-end brands making hand-crafted vape juice in unique styles.

Electronics at Platinum Vapes

You are going to see names that make you feel confident about this site, like Sony, Innokin, and Kanger. Chargers are made by Nitecore. The JoyeTech eVic sells for $99: not bad. Get an iTaste VV v3.0 for $60 or an SVD for $100. The site says all devices are made in the USA: that is probably some kind of error. All of the electronic stuff is definitely not made in America, but juice is made in the United States.

Their Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 costs $75. Elsewhere, some hardware is really inexpensive or at least competitive. It goes to show that there can be pricing disparity even within a single store.

While shopping for other items with reasonable price tags, you might believe everything is competitively priced. Do not fail to research further. $75 is too much for the MVP. $50 for a double-battery eGo starter kit is not bad, but not special. Paying $20 for their eGo Mini Kit is fine.

You could do better, yet there is more to a store than their pricing. Sometimes a shopping experience (customer service, shipping prices and speed, etc.) makes enough difference that consumers will gladly pay 20% more to feel respected.

Tanks and Clearomizers

Platinum Vapes carries the Vivi Nova 2.5-ml tank in aluminum or plastic, each one for $10. A Platinum Pyrex Tank is $45. SmokTech tanks are $14 and the U-DCT is $12 each, 3mls or 6mls. A Nautilus Aspire costs $35, which is decent. They sometimes sell for much more. Selection is suitable for new vapers, established vapers, and people who want to try a new product like the Innokin U-Can for $18.

Just be aware that the site lacks descriptions. Even when looking at things like clearomizers, there could be features that the new or intermediate vaper does not understand. Experienced consumers won’t notice this oversight, but it should be clear if a vessel is rebuildable or disposable, for instance. Consumers do not want to visit multiple sites to find these details.

Evods go for $8. Pay $23 for the Kanger Aero. A Protank sells for $18. These are good prices. A Hercules Carto Tank is $22.

Drip Tips

Sometimes drip tips are surprisingly fun, especially when clever manufacturers come up with ideas that can somehow work as drip tips yet follow an unexpected shape. This goes for the bunnies, pirates, snakes, bulls, dragons, and bullets sold here for $8 or $9 each. Ribbon drip tips are pretty, and though some of their beauty is overshadowed by the innovation of those listed above, a price of $4 ensures they are not ignored.

Novelties for Vapers

Wraps, in e-cig terminology, act like clothes for batteries. Choose patterns that add pizazz to a boring battery so that it is not the same boring stick every day. Platinum Vapes carries assorted styles.

Visiting a Store

Customers have a lot of good things to say about Platinum Vapes. Their San Jose store includes a vape bar for tasting e-liquids and stocks a lot of good juices for RDAs (vegetable glycerin-dominant juice, for instance). Their employees are informed and helpful, so much so that lots of San Jose customers spoiled for choice say store rises to the top.

Staff members will happily show you how to use products with patience and clear terminology. You won’t feel stupid. Their sincerity shines through. Platinum Vapes has quickly established itself with a number of customers who now call this their vape equipment supplier.

The interior is modern and trendy without being over-the-top funky. Your experience should be fun but not overwhelming, even if you are new to vaping and not into the vaping “clubs” which are more like night clubs than business locations.

Take a closer look to familiarize yourself by visiting them on social media where loads of photos are posted. All sales are final by the way, which can come as a surprise, but they are totally up-front about this policy.