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The website for Platinum Puffs is a bit lightweight right now; some might say “fluffy.” It’s as though the makers of Platinum Puffs felt the need to get online in a hurry, even before they had a fully established product line. FAQs are generic, and there are no accessories yet.

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PlatinumePuffsPlatinum Puffs Review

So this review has to begin with a question: what’s in the box? When you buy a rechargeable e-hookah from Platinum Puffs, does it simply contain the e-cig?

From what I can see, there is only a complete electronic hookah device: mouthpiece, tank, and battery. There is no indication that a USB charger or e-liquid is also contained therein, and a price of $29.99 would support that notion.

This is why it is so important to offer assorted accessories. So the battery is rechargeable: can it be recharged on any old USB charger or does it have to be a Platinum Puffs USB charger?

Anyone who has tried other brands of e-cigs before knows that some devices work together and others do not. It is particularly worth noting that the Platinum Puffs battery gives you 1100mAh, so the ideal charger has to work with a powerful battery.

Platinum Puffs Appearances

With that rant out of the way, what will you think of the Platinum Puffs e-hookah on first sight? The box boasts a simple design: black writing against a white background for a sophisticated first impression.

As for the device, this is attractive and straightforward. A silver mouthpiece (stainless steel?) is included, the kind that makes me think of a tiny chess pawn but which emulates a hookah hose. Below this is an enclosed tank, not a clearomizer, but with a viewing window along the side. An entire e-hookah with battery attached looks much like an eGo e-cig and comes in three colors. There is a polished version, black, and pink.

I would have liked more information about the kit: what is inside, what materials are used, and so on. I hope those details will be added along with everything else when the company finishes their website.

Disposable e-Hookah

The disposable version of a Platinum Puffs e-hookah looks a lot different from its rechargeable relative. Although size and shape are the same, the outside is decorated with an image representing its flavor, plus colored rings near the bottom.

An LED light is covered with a diamond tip. Although that is a pretty addition and will hypnotize those watching you vape, you will not enjoy its beauty from the other end. If they could charge $2 less per e-cig without it, many vapers would say “ditch the diamond tip.”

Platinum Puffs disposable e-hookahs supply eight flavors, mostly fruits. These are Grand Daddy Purp (grape), Paradise Punch, Apple Bomb, Strawberry Seduction, Watermelon Blast, Peaches N’ Cream, and Berry Brain Freeze. Another dessert option is Mystic Mint Chocolate, the only non-fruit flavor.

With disposables you get two choices of nicotine: zero or 12mg. At least you get choices for $9.99 each, and for the number of puffs they advertise (about 800), if they live up to their claims, $9.99 is acceptable.

E-Liquids by Hangsen

Platinum Puffs has chosen to partner with Hangsen, so all of their liquid comes from this familiar company. In other words, it’s not made in the United States. If you have a problem with that then buy a rechargeable Platinum Puffs and supply e-liquid from some place else.

Nicotine levels should not be limited to just three, but that’s what you get. Add 24mg to the options above. Nicotine limitations are fine for disposable e-hookahs, but not when you want to refill your tanks. Many people find 12mg too much of a gap if they want to cut back on nicotine and prefer to drop down more slowly.

Bottles cost $7.99 for 10mls, so they fit into the moderate price range: not cheap, but not as costly as The Standard, for example. Besides the eight flavors mentioned above, Hangsen supplies Menthol Hellucinations, Mintastic, Vanilla Mint, and XXX Spearmint to give a lot of choice to mint lovers. Only one tobacco selection is listed: Cherrybacco. Do not be surprised since these are e-hookah devices, not electronic cigarettes.

Additional desserts are Cinnamon Roll, Creamsicle, and Banana Split. Wild Cherry and Peachy Keen enlarge on the 7 other fruit options while consumers of energy drinks will find Raging Bull tastes familiar.

Reviews so Far

Platinum Puffs have only been around for a little while, so the internet is light on customer reviews. So far, some people really like Apple Bomb (you get the strong impression consumers are working their way through the list alphabetically). Others are comparing it too closely with real hookah.

It is not fair to do that and you will not be satisfied. That would be like comparing electronic cigarettes to real cigarettes. They are not designed to compare fully since there is more to smoking hookah than the flavor: experience and atmosphere contribute as well.

Also, you don’t need to read a Platinum Puffs review to find out what Hangsen liquids taste like. Just buy some of their liquid and use it in your existing pen. What is the difference between Platinum Puffs and any comparable 1100mAh tank device? If their claims are true, longer-lasting batteries provide the greatest difference.

You will not experience the same amount of vapor as you would from a full-sized hookah: in fact, it has been said that vapor is on the weak side at Platinum Puffs, yet they say their products are three times more powerful than competitors’ devices. Is that just a statement of endurance? Is Platinum Puffs only claiming their e-hookah batteries last a lot longer, or should you expect vapor production to be greater as well?

As for throat hit, maybe lower your expectations. Perhaps reviews of other flavors would be more favorable, but throat hit from Apple Bomb is moderate to zero.

They smell and taste good, though. A lot of liquids are guilty of creating an artificial taste which leaves you feeling nauseous. You won’t get that here, but you might get a headache from the stiff draw.