Pink Spot Vapors

Do you have a soft spot for Pink Spot Vapors? If so, let the BBB know: there is not a single review listed there, good or bad. Their Pink Spot Vapors review says the company gets an A- only because there has been one complaint, but the business has not been accredited with them long enough or in existence for enough years to develop a reputation for better or worse. At least the single complaint was resolved, but the BBB needs more information.

Pink Spot Vapors Website

Like their BBB profile, Pink Spot Vapors’ internet presence is not that strong. The website is very bare bones in nature. It would appear the owners would rather drum up communication and input on their Facebook page or Twitter, both of which create inexpensive media for advertising and interacting with customers. They are a lot cheaper than paying for a better website with fancy graphics.

Product Selection

Pink Spot Vapors is mostly about vapor juice so you will find a lot of choices at their online and physical stores. Try Curious George, a banana tobacco variety, or honey cured tobacco. They carry an RY8 that will stir curiosity among lovers or other RY selections.

A fee of $5.95 gets you 6ml of juice in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, or 36mg of nicotine. This steady increase (or decrease) is what a lot of vapers need, especially vapers who aim to give up nicotine altogether as so many do. If you are one of those, it appears you will have to bid farewell to PSV one day, but not right away.

To satisfy your sweet spot, try Nutty Buddy Cookie. Possibly pineapple upside down cake would fulfill one of your daily fruit servings. Juices are mixed onsite by hand in an approved facility. Here you have another USA-made juice provider to choose from.

Categorizing Selection

Besides juice, you will find a list of top sellers, new products, vaping accessories and hardware, and clothing. Look for Zombie mod covers, Mega and Mini BCC tanks, and the iTaste MVP. Find out what other people are buying or what you could be missing.

The Stores

Pink Spot Vapors is a Nevada company based in Las Vegas. They have a north shop and a south shop, but only the South Las Vegas store opens 7 days a week. Their North Las Vegas location closes on Sundays. It doesn’t matter: buying online is another option, or just drive to the other store. It’s not at the other end of Nevada; just the opposite side of Las Vegas.