Optima Cigs

Consumers can choose from countless e cig companies, whether they want cigalikes or advanced vaping machines. They do not have to test the waters with a company rated “F” by the Better Business Bureau and the subject of loads of grievances. It is incredibly difficult for an Optima Cigs review to look at the product in an unbiased light knowing how many complaints there have been against them.

A Lot of Complaints

Start with the furor, and there is tons of it. You can tell right away there is trouble at Optima Cigs because a search brings up complaints before anything else. Most of them have to do with customers signing up for a free trial, canceling it, and seeing charges on their credit cards anyway. This is very bad business, but free trials are always a bit dodgy. Avoid them and stick with companies selling affordable mini e cigs starter kits backed by trustworthy reviews.

Minimal Products

Optima Cigs has chosen to sell just a few products and get smokers started on vaping. A starter kit, priced $59.99, provides a new vaper with a single LiOn battery, 5 flavored cartridges, a USB charger, and a case. When put together, this mini e cig should look like an analog except for the Optima logo.

This is an overpriced kit to start with. One battery is never enough, but to receive just one for this high a price is ridiculous. It would have to be the best little battery out there. Yet, keeping the choices simple is attractive to new vapers.

Consumers Still Like Optima Cigs

In spite of the controversy, there are over 9,000 likes on Facebook for this unaccredited company. What makes people so happy? Much of those likes have to come from genuinely happy customers. Optima Cigs appears to still be operating, which means one thing: people are buying their products.

Reviews also come from people who did not cancel their orders and, thus, have had no issues with unauthorized charges on their Visa. These positive comments come from individuals who, with the help of Optima, stopped smoking.