All NuvoCig batteries are silver with cases and LED lights in varying colors. Any NuvoCig review would agree that this device is easy on the eye. Apart from being silver, it has all the hallmarks of a mini cig including the length and dimensions of analogs.

Is that all this brand of e-cig has to say for itself? Not exactly, but most of the claims are similar to what you’ve already heard from other brands. Only the facade is different.

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NuvoCig for Starters

The best way to try any brand of electronic cigarette for taste and feel is to buy a disposable version.

They are not cheap if you have to add shipping costs (which you would when buying them online unless you and some friends chip in to get one each), but most American brands are available in a number of convenience stores or they run their own stores.

NuvoCig shops are located in Wappingers Falls and Poughkeepsie, New York, and Milford and Meriden, Connecticut.

Stop in for a $9.99 disposable, and while you are there take a look at their e-cigars and a rechargeable e-cig. This latter device comes with just the battery and cartomizer in one of 11 flavors and costs $19.99. A USB charger is sold separately for $9.99, which is also what a wall adapter costs, and you can pick up a car/USB charger for $14.99 at the same time.

The first starter kit for $24.99 comes with two cartomizers, a USB charger, and one 180mAh battery. That is the usual value for a mini cig. There is a cool menthol variety and one in tobacco, both with a high level of tobacco. Values are not listed. When placed against the average kit of this kind, $24.99 isn’t bad, but not excellent either.

A second, customizable starter kit costs $39.99 with five cartomizers, one battery, both of the charging devices you need, and twenty flavor choices. Again, prices compare favorably with other brands selling one-battery kits, but this time NuvoCig has the advantage of offering more flavors than most.

A Just for Her Kit ($49.99) comes with the silver battery and a choice of red, pink, orange, blue, or green LED tip. The carry case can be red, floral silver, plaid, or checkered. This feminine selection is a lot of fun but I’m confused as to why one would order this kit with only a USB charger when a USB paired with a car adapter doesn’t cost any more.

For the same price you can buy a Big Battery Kit. This is the high voltage battery, a thick silver eGo device, which comes in regular style or with a multi-color LED light that lights up one of seven colors with each puff.

For another $10, you can finally own a second battery — what would often be thought of as an essential piece in a large package. The Commuter Kit for $76.99 comes with a car charger alongside the USB, contains a standard battery, and also contains a high-voltage battery. Up to this point, every kit has been packaged with only five cartridges.

I get the feeling some details could have become part of one customizable kit, including color choices, instead of breaking things down like this. Prices can always be added during the selection process. If I were new to these products, the selection would intimidate me, yet there are more kits.

A Deluxe Plus for $77.99 has two standard batteries and ten cartomizers. Her Deluxe Kit ($104.99) features one standard and one premium, multi-color battery with two packages of cartomizers, three chargers, choices of LED tip and case colors.

A Couples Kit features two of each battery, ten cartomizers, and the chargers for $144.99. That’s steep by the way. Finally, there is the Premium Deluxe, $149, with two of each battery, 15 cartridges, all of the chargers, and still more details to sort through.

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Good and Bad

The multi-colored light is a funky feature even though you can’t see the light when you vape. Two types of batteries give you the option to stick with NuvoCig flavors but move along to more vapor and longer vaping sessions without charging as often.

Shipping is free once you get to $60. On average, most companies set a threshold of something between $50 and $100.

NuvoCig sells one of the highest-priced five-packs on the market: $19.99 for five cartomizers. Also, where are the tanks for the big battery? Thirdly, I don’t see a pass-through battery or a portable charging case.