Whatever else you learn from an NJOY review, you will be curious about throat hit. With such strong nicotine options (as much as 4.5%), you can expect to really feel these in your throat. Reviewers will make you believers with their rave reviews of vapor and authentic flavor production.

Buying NJOY

It is a bonus when e-cigarettes are available in physical shops where you can lift a package, feel its weight, regard its style and so on. A computer image is not quite the same. Furthermore, buying them in real shops means you do not have to wait. However, shopping online increases variety and, potentially, savings if you buy a lot of a product in one go. You can also use the website to take advantage of limited offers.

Former smokers appreciate how much the NJOY e-cig feels like an analog cigarette: light yet solid and easy to use.

NJOY Selection

You are really buying NJOY for tobacco or menthol e-vaping, not to get hooked on sweets like butterscotch or cherry juice. Even the flip-lid packaging tells you that the experience will be very close to smoking analogs. You will imagine yourself flipping open a lighter as you lift the lid for a vaping stick. The soft cartridge feels like the tip of a cigarette and makes for a comfortable experience.

Disposables and Rechargeables

NJOY runs a recycling program, complete with a free e-cig as reward. If e-waste is what holds you back from purchasing disposable NJOY cigs, then remember to send in your used items and feel better about yourself. You also get a free e-cigarette.

The rechargeable kit is called “express” because it only comes with the minimum of equipment. You receive a USB charger, one cartridge, one battery, and a manual. Your price is $21.99 for the promise of about 2-packs worth of electronic cigs.

Opinions on this last point differ, partly because the battery is not thought by everyone to be powerful enough. Expect to get the equivalent of one package. This way, every extra puff will feel like a bonus. The same is true of NJOY disposables, worth from $6 to $9.