Enter the NiteLiteVapor website with its lighthouse symbol and a quick review will make you aware from the beginning that vapor is their only product. As their images show, they are not interested in selling e cigs, eGo starter kits, mods, atomizers, or tanks. Come here to buy juice.

You might be disappointed, however, to find only 15 varieties of flavors on the site so far. That is 4 more than they used to have judging from one consumer’s review. Maybe in six months they will carry 20 and are just working their way through products to choose ones they approve of.

Sales Format

From the site it would appear you can buy products online or go to a shop in West Palm Beach in Florida called Urban Vapor. They make juice in bulk, not in small personalized batches. This means juice is always ready and, in the vendor’s opinion, consistent.

Juices from NiteLiteVapor

The list includes tobacco with a note of caramel, a sweet tobacco called Bounty Hunter, and another tobacco called Line Rider, which is something like 555. Tropikeyta has the flavor of a tropical fruit drink. Clients have 4 choices of nicotine: 6, 12, 18, or 24mg. That’s fine: until they expand selection, NiteLifeVapor will have a niche clientele favoring these limits and this brand of U.S.-made liquid.

Propylene Glycol makes up 65% of the juice and Vegetable Glycerin accounts for the other 35%.

Interesting Aside

Just about every website for e cigarettes or juice contains something different from the rest. In this case it is the results of paper towel tests. They show vapor residue versus smoke residue, and you can see the stain from analog cigarettes that would otherwise be on your teeth and in your lungs.

Also, NiteLiteVapor posts the link to Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives ( next to its Facebook link. Vapor suppliers can belong to multiple organizations these days, showing that some level of accountability is being established among companies. Click on the link to forums and find out what consumers are saying about NiteLifeVapor service and products.