Nicstick sells basic refillable e-cig pens and disposable e-cigs, variable volt units, and eGo vaping equipment. You will ultimately come to appreciate the ability to refill tanks rather than disposing of cartridges when you realize the difference tank systems make to your vaping experience. Here is a Nicstick review.


I like the Nicstick entry page which divides users into New and Experienced vapers. Do not mess around with eGo and variable volt units before trying e-cigs because the selection will blow your mind and send you running back to analogs.


Nicstick sells a Sirius starter kit for beginners priced $26.99. With two batteries and just two cartridges, a compromise between standard and express starters offered elsewhere, the price is sensible. You also get a USB charger. The two flavors are menthol and USA Mix Tobacco, 18mg or 24mg.

An additional wall charger, listed conveniently on the same page, is priced just $7.49. All together you pay about $34 if you add this to your starter and you are still in the right price range, though you could do with some more juice for that money.

EGO Clear Express

The next stage is probably a more powerful eGo battery rating 650mAh and lasting up to two full days according to Nicstick (24 hours is more likely). The kit comes with a clearomizer refillable up to 40 times. Your price is $34.95 with the same strengths and flavors available as those noted above.

The value sounds pretty good. You only get one battery and a single clearomizer. What concerns me most as I read the details is how few of them there are. The battery is listed as “300 time,” meaning (I assume) you can recharge it up to 300 times. No other site has ever described a battery thus and it could be misleading. Within the lifetime of a battery there can be a lot of variation.

Sample E-Liquids

Order a sample set of 5x5ml bottles of e-liquid. Strengths start at zero and go up to 24mg. Besides tobacco and menthol, try various berries or desserts for $19.95, an economical and fun alternative to single bottles.