Nicquid is an online e-cigarette store specializing in customized e-cig flavors. The store only deals in flavors and you won’t find any batteries, accessories, atomizers or anything else.

The best bit about Nicquid is that they make sure that the quality of their products is extremely high before they sell anything to their customers. The liquids produced at this store are USA based and only of the highest quality standards.

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NicQuid.comThe USA made liquids for electronic cigarettes include a huge variety of flavors to choose from. If you navigate to their website, you will see flavors from different fruits, menthol and tobacco. The fruit line of flavors on the store is quite a lot and very refreshing.

For instance, you will find fun combinations like pomegranate-strawberry and standalone flavors like apple, cherry and blueberry tart. The best thing about these flavors is that users can actually go through the details of the flavor.

For example, if you are choosing a combination of two fruits, you are told how much quantity was used. Quantities for nicotine, PG and VG are clearly mentioned to the customer so they can pick what they want. There are also some unique flavors like Sinnamon, mint chocolate chip and butterscotch.

Nicquid e-liquids are easy to use. You won’t actually get cartomizers or cartridges prefilled with your personal favorite flavor.

Instead, you can buy bottled e liquid that can be used to refill a variety of different cartomizers/cleanomizers or you can even use a liquid dripper to drop some dips of liquid into the atomizer as you smoke. There really is no learning curve since all you will need is the bottle and a hand to refill and start vaping.

Nicquid is quite popular due to their huge line of flavors and their prices. If you want to try something wild for an affordable price, this is the store to go.