Pictures of well-dressed people vaping give you the impression that either NicMaxx is a sophisticated brand of e cig or they want to be. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to something better than the ordinary, but a company has to earn this position and NicMaxx does not really do that for me. I see in their advertising a hint of desperation; a desire to suggest they are better when they can’t quite prove it. According to internet reporting, their website hardly gets any traffic at all.

nicmaxx.comNicMaxx Review: Low Profile Company

Internet reporting tools show that there are millions of websites receiving more clicks and views than NicMaxx. That’s a shame for the brand, but easy to understand. Several other brands of e cigs have hogged the spotlight with their excellent products.

NicMaxx is not an especially late bloomer in this industry. The brand has had time to vie for position with V2 Cigs and Green Smoke. They just do not have the alluring product selection that those other brands can offer.

Product Selection at NicMaxx

For a start, they only carry two starter kits: one for $19.99 and another for $34.99. These are affordable but uninteresting kits.

The first one contains a USB charger, one battery, and two cartomizers. The second is a PCC kit (the Go Go Kit) with 2 black batteries and five cartomizers plus a USB charger.

The Go Go Kit could be good value if the batteries are any good, but the web page does not give much information about such ordinary things as battery size or how long it takes to charge one.

The one really interesting product is their taster, available in several strengths of tobacco and menthol. At $3.95, they are affordable rechargeable e cigs with one battery and one cartomizer each. Disposables, at $8.95, are more expensive but also more visible.

Disposable Audience

NicMaxx’s biggest audience is the convenience store crowd buying disposable e cigs on a whim. NicMaxx is actually selling well in this format to a wide American audience but that audience does not remain loyal to NicMaxx or choose them as their rechargeable option (if they buy rechargeable devices at all).

Why Can’t NicMaxx Snag More Market Share?

One reason for their lack of internet traffic is the small number of flavors at NicMaxx. They only carry one other flavor besides menthol and tobacco: cherry (known as She-Vapes). These are pink cartridges to match the pink batteries available.

They also carry batteries for $9.95 in several colors and refill cartomizers in packs of 5 for $14.99 or $24.99 for 8 inLife no-nic cartomizers. It’s a confusing melee of products: some inLife, some NicMaxx; some 5-packs, some 8-packs.

This could be the key to their lack of traffic, more even than limited selection. The catalogue is confusing and the website is inadequate. Nothing is written about the batteries or e liquids in their cartomizers. If NicMaxx is to attract a bigger circle of users, they are going to have to make changes to their online presentation.