Nick’s Blissful Brews

A summary of Nick’s Blissful Brews starts with the story of how he created the first Nick’s Blissful Brews for his girlfriend, and the business snowballed from there. Nick Gollust from Santa Monica, California developed his own line of juices in 2013 so he could enjoy something better from vaping than was available up to that point.

Five E Liquids

Depending on where you look, there are now 5 NBB’s available online. They are Lush, Apple Cider, Smoked Cider, Smoked Cider Plus, and Swag. Prices vary according to bottle size and where you buy your supply, but it’s safe to expect a 15-ml bottle to cost about $12. Pay $22 for 30 ml or purchase directly from Nick’s Blissful Vapes, 120 ml for $70. His stock was all out when I checked but you can always email him.

Nick’s Blissful Brews Review

The top flavor here is probably his first, Smoked Custard, at least as far as customer comments go. When a flavor gets tons more response than all the others it stands out in some way. It takes time to comment on these pages, time that most people don’t have unless a product is worthwhile. Smoked Custard is the one they all talk about.

This is a unique custard e juice because besides the standard custard notes, including vanilla, there is tobacco. Smoked Custard is an amazing discovery. Even better is the fact that, noticing how many vapers could not drip this vapor juice and that some were allergic to propylene glycol at the levels he uses, Nick adapted Smoked Custard into a high-vegetable glycerin vape and offers it as Smoked Custard Plus. They’re both on sale, but keep them straight.

Apple Cider is perhaps his next most talked-about juice. This is an all-day-vape, whether he meant for it to be or not. Whereas many e juices turn apple into something sweet, even candy-like, Apple Cider is not as sweet. It’s more akin to real apple cider in this sense, but without the kick. Don’t think Woody’s; imagine Strongbow.

Lush is a Strawberry Cream style of e liquid, so if you like strawberry shortcake this could be the sort of vapor juice you would enjoy. Swag is another custard e liquid.

Can a company carry too many of these?

Nicks’ Blissful Brews could come to be known as the Custard Vape Company it he isn’t careful, but Swag is a very different variety from Smoked Custard. First of all, tobacco is absent. Secondly, it contains white chocolate and hazelnut. Blended with vanilla it’s a cranked-up version of Nutella. If Nutella contained white chocolate, it would taste like Swag.

Select a nicotine level from 0 to 1.2%.

Round Up

Nick’s menu is short and sweet, literally. It’s not sickly sweet: remember what I said about his Apple Cider. While I don’t know the VG/PG ratio on these flavors, it looks like Nick wants his customers to notice a throat hit because it’s definitely there.

I enjoy the way Nick blends flavors, which could become boring, so they are fresh and unexpected. I also appreciate the clean quality of his products, a quality that is obvious to his loyal fans.