Trade and trending publications indicate that NEWhere is a growing e cig company bringing something slightly different to the electronic cigarette market. Their product line is not big: there is less on their user-friendly website than you expect. They are in the business of selling only disposable products.

NEWhere Review

Those products are electronic hookahs, cigarettes, and cigars. Each product comes with a 1-year warranty, a 30-day money back guarantee, and free shipping. Recently NEWhere was added to shelves at 7-11 stores so consumers no longer have to shop exclusively online.

E Hookah

There are 8 hookah flavors at NEWhere: grape, vanilla, Island Squeeze (pineapple/orange), Sour Appletini, Orange Dream, raspberry/vanilla, chocolate/mint, and strawberry/banana. Each one contains zero nicotine, but there is nothing really new here.

E Cigarette

The NEWhere lineup of e cigarettes, all priced $9.99, includes Classic Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol, Wild Watermelon, Grape Gusher, Premium Blend, and Premium Peach. Nicotine values vary: 2.2% for the Classic, 1.8% for menthol. Each disposable should give you about 500 puffs.

Electronic Cigar

Just two types of electronic cigars are listed, and they are not your typical cigar flavors. Try orange and pineapple or watermelon for $19.99. Surprisingly, neither of them contains any nicotine.

New Approach from NEWhere

Regular prices at NEWhere are not startlingly low. The big news here is their lack of starter kits and rechargeable batteries. Selling just disposable products seems a bit irresponsible, but the company runs a recycling program. Also, it is sometimes refreshing to discover a company with a tight focus. Many companies sell too many products, especially for smokers figuring out if they want to pursue vaping and give up smoking for good.

Save Money at NEWhere

There is a way to get these cigs for less: buy multiples. The triple pack of disposables in three flavors (watermelon, classic, menthol) is slightly cheaper than three bought separately. Purchasing even more of a single flavor per order brings the unit price down even further. Before you place an order, get a group of friends together to purchase several disposables at the same time. You won’t save on shipping (it’s already free), but your e cigs or hookahs will cost less.