Mountain Oak Vapors

Mountain Oak Vapors is a Tennessee company selling vapor with a short, transparent list of ingredients. Customers who otherwise complain that bottles of e juice are not properly labeled can rely on Mountain Oak Vapors to be clear about ingredients, all of which are sourced 100% in the United States, made in America, and are USP food grade.

MountainOakVapors.comYou might also notice a difference between the flavor integrity of juice contained in glass rather than plastic bottles. Glass does not affect taste the way plastic does with some varieties. In spite of the classy glass bottle, it costs only $8.99 for 15mls.

Flavors come in 0, 9mg, 18mg, and 24mg of nicotine. You have the option to add menthol to a Shangri-la for instance (peach plus lychee). The dark temptations section contains Absinthe, Chai Tea Latte, and Blister (hot cinnamon).

Mountain Oak Vapors welcomes wholesale orders, so your juice could be even cheaper if you are a distributor or retailer looking for a reliable supplier.

Our brief review showed that there is no usual customer at Mountain Oak Vapors. While they carry items like the popular Smoketech XL tank cart for a very cheap $1.99 and have lots of stock, they also carry less common Atmistique and Vicious Ant mods and rebuildable atomizers.

The NZonic V4 costs $189.99. The Twins from Atmistique are priced $44.99. Their goods are generally high end at discounted prices.

Mountain Oak Vapors even carries high end drip tips, again by Atmistique and Vicious Ant. These are not the shiny or glowing Ming drip tips seen on most sites, and there is not a skull in site. These are futuristic pieces of metal hardware resembling industrial machine parts. They are designed to stand out from the usual atomizers, drip tips, mods etc.

Read the Mountain Oak Vapors page occasionally just to find out what is new there. They have a section for recent arrivals and a “deal of the day.”

Apparently, some vapers encounter problems when liquid is too thick or thin. Thickness affects their atomizer’s ability to handle liquid; thinness affects vapor production and potency. Mountain Oak Vapors pays attention to balance so anyone using any cartridge, clearomizer, or tank will be able to refill using their liquids.

Each batch can be traced too so report problems to Mountain Oak Vapors if you have any. They will figure out the source and make adjustments if they are needed, alerting other customers or preparing for emails from people who bought the same batch.