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It’s not often that a company selling e-cigs and e-liquid introduces customers to its CEO. Usually, there is no CEO to meet. Monster Vapors LLC, however, is run by Chris Gaynor whose picture is posted on the site website with his welcome and company introduction. It’s a nice touch; personal and professional at the same time.

MonsterVapors.comProducts from Monster Vapors

This company aims to satisfy the vaper at every stage. He could be using his first mini eGo Express Kit, learning to rebuild tanks, changing coils and rebuilding atomizers, or becoming confident enough to purchase and make effective use of a mechanical mod by Ehpro.

Monster Vapors Review: Prices

Prices are not consistent at Monster Vapors. Sometimes vapers will be left wondering how a ZMax starter kit with no battery can cost as much as $94.99 (it is not really a starter kit without the battery), then are surprised by the great price for a budget starter kit ($27.99 is the cheapest one).

A Rebuildable Ehpro Flash RDA kit for $99.99 seems a little high considering the excellent prices by Ehpro, but a Trident RDA is $20.99.

More Products

Monster Vapors also sells a QQ Mechanical Mod Starter Kit with a tank, coil, battery, case or a Gripper X6 VV (the latter costs $43.99). If you’ve been looking for one, then it’s good to know where to find it. Not many online stores carry a QQ.

Accessories such as coils, chargers, replacement atomizers, and more help vapers to look after their equipment and make it last. This way, vaping continues to be cheaper than smoking. When you look up an item such as the ZMax, complementary purchases are suggested such as tanks, etc.

E-Liquid by Monster Vapors

Juices cost $5.99 for 10mls and come in ratings of 0, low (6 to 8mg), medium (11 to 18mg), or high nicotine (24mg). Bacon, waffle, cappuccino, black raspberry champagne, and beer are just a few of their numerous offerings. Irish Mintz, Root Beer, and rum are three more beverages. Their tobaccos include Burley, 555, Havana Cigar, and Desert Ship. Selection is extensive.

Each bottle is topped with a childproof cap. You can also mix your liquids to create something unique, like a bacon waffle or Beer flavored Root Beer.

More Features of the Monster Vapors Site

Online you will find an FAQ heading, a savings calculator (to show how much money you saved by giving up cigarettes), and information about becoming an affiliate.

Use this site to get in touch with Gaynor and his staff in Claremore, Oklahoma.