Maximum Vapors

Right now Maximum Vapors is reconstructing its website; renovating the whole thing. They have only been around a couple of years, but the reconstruction phase is promising. It means Todd at Maximum Vapors feels he can afford to go offline (though there’s still Facebook) and still have customers waiting online when he returns. It also means Maximum Vapors is ready to grow.

A Maximum Vapors review should give one the impression that, in its earliest days, Maximum Vapors was known as a place for box mods. They were nice wooden boxes, and that was what they did best. Today, Maximum Vapors is perhaps best known for its juice, some of which are so well liked by experienced vapors that they put it at or near the top of their list of best vaping juices.

All Day Vape produces lots of tasty, sweet vapor something like a caramel S’mores. The throat hit is strong enough but not too strong.

Red is more like a regular tobacco cigarette with a hint of sweetness. Of course, no juice is quite like tobacco because there is no smoke to mitigate flavor; however, Red’s authentic taste packs a punch some might consider overly strong.

A 30ml bottle of juice costs $15.50, so you are paying just over $2.50 per 5ml. That is a very good price, especially considering this is exceptional e juice. The highest nicotine level at Maximum Vapors is only 18mg: that is about regular strength in cigarette terms, and many e juice companies go at least to 24mg or higher. You might be disappointed, but if throat hit is consistently high there is a chance you will not notice.

The bottles are standard plastic items so customers are not paying more for fancy blue glass bottles. Clients are not able to customize their juice. The standard ratio favors propylene glycol over vegetable glycerin just a little.

Todd at Maximum Vapors is a really approachable owner and so are his employees. Customers feel warm and welcome in the Missouri shop.


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