Mastermind Elixirs

Mastermind is a game you play with colored pegs and was also a fast-paced quiz game in the United Kingdom. With a name like “Mastermind Elixirs” you come to expect cerebral blends, thoughtful names, and flavorful complexity. I was sure their bottles would contain cigarette, cigar, and pipe tobacco blends; maybe brandy or whiskey. That’s not what you will find in a bottle of Mastermind.

Describing the Juice

Flatline sounds so dead, but it is fully alive with mango, pineapple, and Bavarian Cream notes. Conjure releases a magical mixture of wild berries. Try a drop of Snake Oil for some menthol and watermelon. DJs locker brings you the summer taste of an orange creamsicle (which, one supposes, is how the locker belong to someone called DJ smells.) I won’t pretend to understand their naming policy at Mastermind Elixirs. All I know is that vapers routinely accept their taste-testing challenge and bestow four to five stars on Mastermind e liquid.

Mastermind Elixirs Review

Each label features the Mastermind symbol against blue glass. I found 30ml bottles, but that doesn’t mean there are no smaller bottles available. Each of these cost $22 and came in nicotine concentrations of up to 24mg. Nic-free vapers can also rejoice.

See them on Facebook

What I know about Mastermind Elixirs mostly comes from their Facebook page, which is full of articles and photos. This page really brings the company alive with its black and white photos, cartoons, and contests. From this page I learned that the plan is to speed up production on new juices: one every two to three months. So far there are fewer than ten and more due any day.

Physical Shops

There is a strong physical presence in the form of e liquid dealers. Plenty of those can be found in California. Mastermind is also a preferred e liquid for several retailers of tank systems and vapor shops.