Madz Modz

Madz Modz is based in Manila, the Phillipines, where they make strong-looking mods for low prices. Everything coming out of Asia is cheaper than goods made in the United States except for one: their flagship model the NZonic, which is not for the faint-hearted vaper.

Madz Modz Review

If you were to ask an experienced vaper what they think of NZonic, many would nod their heads and say it was a good enough model, perhaps even great, or a favorite. It is pretty costly for what it does, though, so if you have never been exposed to mods before do not think $185 is normal.

The NZonic Mechanical Mod

You are partly paying for the embedded Swarovksi blue crystal, which has nothing to do with operating the device. It is purely for show. There is also a beautiful, engraved sun at the top of the unit. Design is impeccable on this two-toned unit (brass and steel).

The NZonic has a native 510 connection, floating center pin made of 99.99% copper, a design chosen for compatibility, and an outer shell made of food grade stainless steel. The inside is insulated with Delrin, an acetal resin.

Clients can use it with an 18350 battery, 18490, 1850, or an 18650 if they add the extension sleeve. There is also the option to add a kick. As you alter this telescopic mod it becomes fairly large, just so you know.


Most people only know Madz Modz because of the NZonic. Typically, you will see it written that the Madz Modz NZonic is a good model producing lots of vapor and that it performs consistently. It looks sturdy and the magnetic switch is likely to last longer than a spring-loaded one. In spite of its weight, the switch is not activated if you stand the mod up.

Writers also say that they could buy a better model for around $100 or less. The Madz Modz selling point here is largely its looks.


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