Mad Murdock

Was e juice becoming boring and predictable for you? Were you tired of always knowing what to expect; of never being challenged? What you needed was a bit of insanity to shake things up, and Mad Murdock supplies that with his insanely unpredictable e juice.

Mad Murdock Review

You will be taken out of your comfort zone when you try these e liquids, if you can even find them. Pluid, in particular, sells out so fast you have to put your name on a waiting list to be sure of getting any even a day after bottles arrive at a store. I’m not sure Pluid even makes it to shelves but possibly goes straight into customers’ hands.

You can expect to pay $20 for 30 ml, give or take a few dollars depending on which company you are dealing with. Some will gouge you. The propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio has not been noted on any site I have read leading me to assume that Mad Murdock Ruml wants this detail to remain proprietary.

Flavors at Mad Murdock E Juice

Here are some flavors with names that say very little: Bedan Lotus, Genuine Cutter, Radiator Pluid, Mellow Melange, Agent Orange, 710, and Maha Ras.

All of these are characterized by unexpected flavor notes and complexity. Even if a juice is labeled as one thing, you will detect other elements during a long vaping session. For instance, Agent Orange is, of course, an orange-flavored e liquid but with elements of spice and other citrus besides orange. Bledan Lotus has been tough to nail down: lemon, lime, strong flavors, perhaps with a touch of “cool” and maybe a floral aroma. Mellow Melange is spicy with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, but also rich with vanilla, coffee, and chocolate.

Radiator Pluid (usually referred to as simply Pluid) is a notorious anise juice which is so strong you could dilute it considerably without losing much of that black licorice flavor and aroma. Orange and lemon lend it balance if you like anise. Genuine Cutter tastes much like Pluid except with more vegetable glycerin, and it’s not green. A lot of these juices have been colored.

Maha Ras is a truly complicated e liquid which leaves a lot of people guessing and reports are all over the place. It’s an acquired taste blending herbal and perhaps minty qualities with berries and spice.

Last of all is a product known as 710: a brown juice — but don’t let that get you down. The color could influence the way you taste the liquid. Is it caramel, tobacco, amaretto, or almond? The flavors are great, complex, but reports for this one give way to a common theme.

Dark Side of Madness

You might experience a pronounced aftertaste from any of the Mad Murdock juices. It’s something that comes up repeatedly: flavor (if it’s your sort of flavor) is great. Vapor is good. But something lingers. You’ll have to try one and see.