Liberty Flights


Liberty Flights is an American based electronic cigarette brand professionalizing in high quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquid flavors. The company quickly rose to fame due to its technological advanced product that delivers performance for the right price.

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Liberty Flights e-cigarettes come with an elegant carrying case that is designed to hold the e-cigss and protect them. The design of the ecigarette is quite decent thanks to steel brush or matte finish.

Vapor Production and Flavor

Liberty Flights hosts tons of flavors to choose from. If you opt for their basic starter kit, you can choose from 30 different flavors to go with your device. However, those who are picking the ego dual starter kit, beware, only two flavors are offered for the ego series. Liberty Flights also limits the nicotine content to 1.8% , but we feel the vapor is still strong and great tasting nonetheless.


The Liberty Flights electronic cigarette use ego batteries which come with 650mAh power right out of the box. If you are opting for the EGO V2 dual starter kit, you will only get a single manual battery, so it is recommended that you go for the next starter kit which comes equipped with two batteries.

Having two batteries makes your life easier especially if you use electronic cigarettes a lot. Batteries are offered in both automatic and manual forms, however manual batteries are much better when it comes to Liberty Flights.

Buying Guide

Liberty Flights is an excellent brand with an excellent product. If you like the ego battery technology, you will love what the brand has done with their product. With Liberty Flights, you can choose up to 30 flavors to go with and tons of accessories that will help you through your daily vaping sessions.