Kings Crown E Juice

What happens when a suicidal bunny adopts a monumental lust for life? She aspires to royalty, that’s what. Why not embrace life to the full, having once stared into the abyss of darkness? Pip of Suicide Bunny now brings you another fine e juice: Kings Crown. It sounds like there was clamor for her to bring out more flavors.

Who Carries Kings Crown E Juice?

Finding a bottle of Kings Crown is going to be as much a challenge at times as it has always been to find Suicide Bunny and other handcrafted e juices. They are out there, but Kings Crown also sells out rapidly. So have patience if you end up putting your name on a waiting list, and take heart. You will not be the only one.

Giant Vapes, Skyline Vapor, and Vapor DNA are among the stores carrying Kings Crown online. There are also a number of brick-and-mortar locations where you can get your hands on one of 4 flavors which make up the full menu to date. I think I may have seen this brand listed by monthly subscriptions services too.

Kings Crown E Juice Review

These four flavors are all regal in title or theme. Claim Your Throne has a hint of war in it. Fight Your Fate recalls the terrors of royalty in medieval times whose royal fate was not always fur-lined. With Bound by the Crown, we see that being a prince or princess can be deadly. The King has achieved his hereditary position or perhaps killed for it.

Each label represents some element of the title: hands bound as they hold a crown aloft, a muscled figure fighting against his bonds, and so on. As you would imagine, regal flavors aren’t cheap: $22 for 30-ml glass bottles is to be expected.

Bound by the Crown

This is another custard e juice flavored with ripe stone fruits. It is creamy and buttery, with a hint of vanilla. Stone fruits could be peaches, nectarines, plums, and/or apricots, so try it and determine which fruit dominates.

Claim Your Throne

This is another creamy vape blending butterscotch and brown sugar. Vapers consider it addictive and gorgeous. It is also Pip’s most popular juice from the Kings Crown menu at Giant Vapes.

Fight Your Fate

Here is a refreshing blend of strawberry and lemon. Ratings are either very good or very low. Consumers either love it or hate it. Fight Your Fate is completely different from the other three in density and focus, being fruity rather than heavy.

The King

With this title and reference to “peanut butter,” one might imagine the king in question is Elvis Presley since numerous other e juices are named “the King” in his honor, but there is no banana or jelly in The King. This Kings Crown e juice is creamy, savory, and full of nutty goodness. Some liken it to a peanut butter cookie. Others say it is not very sweet.

Comparing Kings Crown with Other Brands of E Juice

Are Kings Crown e juices unique? Are you paying more than you should for e liquid? Bound by the Crown is unusual. While you will find other butterscotch e juices, this 30/70 juice is top notch; subtle and complex. Strawberry and lemon have been blended together before by mixologists with lesser reputations, but as I mentioned above you might have a far better experience at a lower price with Strawberry Lemonade by Smoque Vapours or for a similar price with Park Avenue by Blueprint. Even though Pip reassures everyone that she takes care to use only high-quality ingredients, that does not mean the end result will be liked by everyone.

The closest thing to The King might be On Yo Chin by Vape Sentinel; a nuts and cream e juice with a savory profile. Flavorz by Joe makes a buttery sweet custard e juice similar to Bound by the Crown, but it is a 60/40 blend with a different emphasis. The same is true of 24/7 by Certified: a vanilla custard and butterscotch flavor.

Comparing one e juice to another with the notion that there is another flavor that is exactly the same for a lower price just won’t work. Every blend is weighted differently in favor of throat hit or vapor, or maybe balanced between them. Many butterscotch styles contain a layer of chocolate or tobacco (or both). It is common for a peanut butter e juice to be laced with banana, chocolate, or jelly.

Already Topping Charts

Kings Crown e juices are already doing very well at vapor stores online and at in-stores. Their Facebook page has received over 3,000 likes since starting in January of 2014: that’s not very long ago. Suicide Bunny and her maker Pip have acquired a fan base so strong that they seemed willing to follow her into unknown territory where they were pleasantly surprised. I wonder if her next four flavors will be given an entirely different name.