JVapes is getting around. Their products are sold in Prescott, Arizona, where they come from, and all over the southern U.S. Their presence is tasted in the juices they sell and seen on their apparel. Read this JVapes review and find out more about their products.


Owners of Jvapes must be Beatles fans because they sell vapes named for Beatles references. Yellow Submarine is described by JVapes as “psychadelic,” meaning a lot is happening in the fruity blend, too much to say exactly what. Browse their site to honor the Beatles’ legacy some more with Hey Jude and Abbey Road.

Lots of Juice

Furry Wall tastes like papaya and something else. Guavatron is a tropical fruit creation. Skittles tastes just like it should: Skittles-y.

Though consumers are not always pleased with their juices, there are still lots of happy chatters among vapers. For the price ($6.50), this brand is worth experimenting with. Bottles come in 10 to 30ml or 120ml sizes. Nicotine strength is as high as 2.4% per volume or as low as 0%, with three other levels in-between.

Also Online

JVapes carries mechanical mods such as the Phenom Beast for $224.99. Yes, it is expensive, and if so, why should I buy it? Maybe I would want the Beast because its voltage drop is only 0.05, which is amazing.

JVapes favors iTaste, selling the 134, MVP, SVD, and VTR. They also carry that attractive, rectangular VV for $44.99. As far as pricing goes, JVapes is on the right track.

Tanks are categorized thus: cartos, pyrex tanks, iClear, Protank, and eGo. Protank by Kanger is one of those must-haves on virtually every electronic cigarette sales site. Drip tips to go with them fall under headings such as Ming tips, missile, and aluminum.

The list keeps going: selection at JVapes is phenomenal. Customers can buy starter kits by with eGo batteries from $59.99 to $79.99. The eVic APV starter kit costs $79.99.

General Impressions

This is one of those wonderful shops selling it all: mods, eGos, e liquid, and accessories from some great brands. Prices are quite good. If you have any questions about vaping or products sold at the site, customers are warmly greeted and their questions fully answered in a friendly way. At the very least, if you are in Prescott, stop by and give them your patronage if only to buy one or two of their juices.

By the way, this is the only criticism I have: JVapes should promote their business by providing sample bottles with starter kits.