Johnson Creek Smoke Juice

Johnson Creek has formed a relationship with Blu E Cigs which means you might have already experienced their juice as a Blu customer. You could have heard of them as suppliers of American-made juice for tanks. But there are loads of juices sold by lots of companies. Why buy yours from Johnson Creek?

Johnson Creek Smoke Juice Review

The first winning trait of this company is that it is an American-made product. All ingredients are listed right on the bottle so you know exactly what you are vaping. Another winning feature is what JC does not include: diacetyl, butyl valerate, and ethyl heptanoate. These chemicals have been related to some alarming studies, and consumers who know about them tend to avoid them.

Their FAQ page is pretty candid: people with nut allergies should avoid their products, while vegans can welcome Johnson Creek into their vaping diet.

Johnson Creek’s website is also very candid about what they will not be selling. If you want Blu flavors, you will have to buy from Blu. Johnson Creek flavors for Blu are not sold at their website to general customers. As they are part of a business relationship, this makes sense.


Johnson Creek carries more than 25 flavors of smoke juice. Their descriptions read like wine notes. The Gold Reserve resembles honey-cured tobacco with citrus on the tongue. It has a lot of body, like a full-flavored wine.

Their e juice costs $9.95 per 15ml bottle. Pay slightly less than double that amount for 30mls. Nicotine amounts are 0%, 1.1%, 1.8%, or 2.4%. What I absolutely love about the page for each flavor are the meters showing vapor production, throat hit, tobacco flavor, and sweetness for each flavor. Reviews are also posted below and Johnson Creek is not afraid of showing the abysmal ones along with 5-star write-ups.

I also love the option to test a flavor with a 5ml, $3.95 bottle or to buy a bundle of five 5ml bottles for $17.77. This is a convenient way to try liquids.