JA’Vape hasn’t been doing business long: they only joined Facebook in August of 2013 and they sound relatively new. In this JA’Vape review, I hope viewers will get a sense of who runs it and what they do for vapers in the El Monte California region. The company has already amassed lots of “likes” on Facebook and a newly devoted following. Fans are leaving nearby stores to come here, largely because customer service is better at JA’Vape.

People’s People

Customers can’t get enough of the place. They come back just to enjoy the honest salesmanship and great atmosphere. JA’Vape is laid back but employees aren’t lazy. It’s not a place where the customer’s presence breaks a magic spell, causing all happiness to dissipate like vapor (obviously) and staff to become grumpy.

Customers matter here, and if that sounds like something no one should have to say, read up on a few more vape stores in California and the rest of the United States: there are places where men feel invisible (girls get special treatment, especially hot girls) and places where employees only talk to the men, ignoring their girlfriends and wives as though they’re just “little women.” Employees at JA’Vape are gracious with new vapers, both sexes, explaining the ins and outs of e cigs with patience using vocabulary consumers understand.

Inside JA’Vape

Inside it feels like you have entered a futuristic world thanks to mood lighting and minimalist design. Black and white furnishings give this a stark but clean look. Even though patrons start trickling in after 11:00am every day, it feels like 9:30 (closing time) even if the clock shows 4:00 on a summer day.

Above a small customer service bar a big screen shows what flavors are featured that day. They’re typed in, not written by hand. The screen idea is professional even though the font is very small.

Up for Sale at JA’Vape

Do you have a picture in your mind of what you want? Is it tube-shaped with engravings and a serial number? If so, then JA’Vape is waiting to show you some exquisite mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers. These include the Kraken, Tobh Atty, Vulca RDA, and IGO-W atomizers. They carry the Hammer too. Pictures suggest their hardware is all genuine, which means it is expensive but legitimate.

While you could purchase a $5 drip tip, the Chaplin by Vicious Ant is calling your name. It’s a more substantial item; the kind you would never risk losing through a hole in your jacket pocket.

There is the K101 finished in electric-colored coating. Some box mods and Egos are wrapped in designer skins. The Smok VV Winder is one of their Ego batteries. JA’Vape sells starter kits for newbies in spite of their interest in more difficult technology.

E Liquids include Gonzo, VLS (their house juice), Vaperlicious, Voila, High Roller Juice, and High Five. Fill a Smok Pyrex BCC tank with one of these and use your Ohms meter to ensure resistance is set as low as it will go. In-store pricing won’t be great because online shopping is always cheaper, but JA’Vape only runs a brick-and-mortar store. For hobbyists who prize great service, price is not the most important factor: customers are on the lookout for friendly and helpful employees.