It Is Vapor

Vapers probably find themselves saying this over and over again: “it’s just vapor, not smoke.” To this, the common reply might be “what is vapor” or “where does the vapor come from.” In the case of Redwood City residents, the answer could be “It is Vapor.” That is where they purchased their hardware and e-liquid, at least.

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When consumers find a place to shop that makes them feel comfortable and welcome, as though they are friends and not just customers, they become loyal patrons. It is Vapor is one of those rare shops where visitors get the feeling the staff has been waiting for them.

Consumers frequently contrast this atmosphere with the idea that employees at other vapor stores act like rock stars whose customers are waiting their turn for the privilege of being served. The environment is frequently intimidating.

The opposite should always be true of a business. That is the message It is Vapor employees seek to create. Anyone over the age of 18 should be able to enter and shop without feeling pressured or ignored.

Vaping Selection

Clients are pleased by the selection of products and fair pricing they enjoy at this place. If something looks out of your league, ask for a bit of education. Staff is willing to help you out or guide you in a more realistic direction. They take time and are patient with their clients when they need help.

Website for It is Vapor

The physical store is small, clean, and bright, but the website makes it sound like they are packed with goodies from floor to ceiling. That cannot be true judging by comments about how tidy the store is. Here is a look at just some of their products.

The Kanger Evod VV Twist 650, 3.7v sells for $59.99. Purchase a Basic eGo 1100mAh printed battery for $49.99. The 650 version, not printed, costs $34.99. A 400mAh is the same price. So far I am not excited about their prices, but let’s look further.

An Evod Starter kit costs $69.99, which is a better deal than buying parts individually. This comes with two complete e-cigs, though you can only tell by looking at the picture which also shows an AC adapter and USB charger. There aren’t any explanations of products, which will frustrate any viewer who is not exactly sure what an Evod is.

A Kanger Protank 2.5ml carries a $29.99 tag while the Smok glass tube DCT costs $19.99. Purchase an eVic ECA Changeable atomizer for the same price.

Disposable Sweet Cigs are priced $2.99 each for 300 puffs. Boge disposables with 500 puffs sell for $6.99. Compared with many brand sites selling disposable cigalikes (V2 Cigs et al.), this pricing is excellent.

The Kayfun Lite Clone costs $29.99. Purchase a Smok RSST for the low price of $29.99 or a Smok RDA for $10 less.

E-liquids at It is Vapor come from craft-juice companies like Cosmic Fog, Space Jam, and Five Pawns.

A strange item carried by this Redwood City e-cig business and completely off-topic is a product called “Control the Grey,” a hair coloring for $9.99. It’s an anomaly.

Get to Know It is Vapor

Most companies set a shipping limit. Orders amounting to below a certain threshold are charged shipping according to weight or a flat rate. At It is Vapor, they set this limit at $25 which is very, very low.

Another important point about the company is that they support a local charity. One minute you are looking up something to do with e-cigs and the next there is a sobering paragraph about child abuse. To help end child abuse and combat its effects, It is Vapor supports the R.I.S.E. Program.