IKenVape has made a commitment to their customers to provide quality at low prices and satisfy customers at all times. Their “About Us” page says they create products and alter ones they think could sport better design. In particular, they aim to address typical issues with scorching, etc. that customers frequently complain occur when they use other brands.

IKenVape Review

The product range is not huge here and you will probably look at other places as you browse selection. There are no starter kits, for instance. Buy atomizers for 510 systems, the 801, 901, 306, and their i06. Purchase cartomizers separately. Each featured item also indicates the recommended voltage it should be used with.

For Vivi Nova, there are three items: an aluminum tank in one of three colors, a replacement atomizer, and a Vivi Nova tank system with 1.8, 2.4, and 2.8ohm coil heads. This kit also comes with a drip tip and the 3.5ml tank. The package costs just $8.99, very reasonable if you use the Vivi Nova series.

If you know what you are looking at, it is relatively easy to combine IKenVape with another brand because they are much the same shape and performance in their class.

Cartomizers come from the Platinum and Fusion series. Platinum cartomizers use 510-thread atomizers and are like big steel e-cig cartridges. Fusion cartomizers are similar looking (except the huge 6ml tank), but they come in 510 and 801 series, and there is a 510-801 adaptor.

You really have to know what you are looking at as the site is not all that helpful. Details are lacking, though it appears they clearly want to adapt to what consumers already own for their convenience.

IKenVape draws the line between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin liquids. Buy one or the other rather than a blend. There are just 2 vegetable glycerin liquids, both of them tobacco in 20ml or 30ml format for $9.99 and $14.99, respectively.

Choose propylene glycol-based liquid and you now have a third choice while also saving a little bit of money. The three tobaccos are RY4, Tobacco Gold, and 555. In other words, as an e liquid supplier, you probably will not stick with IKenVape unless you are stuck on one of these varieties.