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Illinois has not caught up with Miami or Southern California, but a lot of vaping goes on in Chicago and the cities fanning out to the west, north, and south of that great City. Loads of shops have either been established for a few years or business people have taken more recent risks by diversifying, carrying electronic devices and e-liquids along with other consumables.

Many of these men and women will have seen the e-liquid, electronic cigarette movement as an opportunity to recover from the economic crisis which does not appear to have affected either the electronic cigarette or analog cigarette industry the way it has so many other industries.

Beneficial for Business People and Consumers

That same economic downturn that hurt businesses also had a negative impact on smokers and their ability to afford their daily habit. Whether they smoked half a pack of analogs each day, a whole pack, or less than a pack each week, smokers were feeling the pinch.

That didn’t make it any easier to give up cigarettes. On the contrary, with the worry of joblessness looming over their heads, the desire to drag on a Marlboro was greater than ever. The price of cigarettes, however, rose financially and physically.

Electronic cigarettes have the power to change everything. Consumers are saving hundreds of dollars annually by switching. Illinois residents are also noticing that the consequences of a pack-a-day habit are lessening over time as they choose vapor over smoke.

Joining Forces with the Enemy

While they are often referred to as opposing commercial forces, numerous stores in the United States carry both electronic and regular cigarettes. Just think of the search you might have undertaken to locate a vendor selling a brand you want to try or have already chosen as a favorite.

Many of those locations sold cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and accessories. Plenty of smoke shop owners chose to join the competition instead of trying to defend their prosperity against the new wave. House of Smoke is one of them.

Don’t forget that Big Tobacco is behind many of the e-cig brands, including V2 Cigs, one of the mini cig pioneers.

House of Smoke Review

To reach House of Smoke you need to head for Elk Grove Village on East Touhy Avenue near Heavenly Bodies. There is a phone number and email address available on business reference pages like the Yellow Pages or internet search sites. They also appear on Facebook, but there is no website.

This probably tells you one of two things: either the company is too small to take this plunge (yet) or they have no need for further advertisement or online sales. Word of mouth has brought them plenty of business and an online sales site would make more work than they can currently handle. If they decide to embrace e-cigs fully, there is a chance this company will have to create a web page and might want to expand business to invite internet retail opportunity.

For Sale at House of Smoke

The store carries starter kits, modifiable electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, and ordinary cigarettes. Sometimes a customer comes in looking for one and leaves with the other and that can go either way. There are no refunds or exchanges on products sold at House of Smoke and they make that very clear.

Also in Elk Grove Village

Chi-Town Vapers and ECigs Discount also operate in Elk Grove Village, but the reach of e-cigs also takes in many suburban towns like East Alton, Mount Prospect, Villa Park, Lincoln, and Jerseyville. There is e-cig shopping in Des Plaines just minutes away by car, and Elgin is about 12miles distant. High Tech Vapors is located in Aurora and Cignot is an Illinois electronic cigarette company.



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