Customers appreciate being able to ask questions without feeling dumb. They get that chance at HotVapes. Their store in the Wicker Park area of Chicago gets great write-ups. Clients say staff knows what they are talking about, whether describing a basic electronic cigarette or an advanced vaping mod.

They are patient with newbies and do not try to up-sell their products aggressively. Pricing and selection attract repeat business and the vapor is custom made. You have to wait a short time for your bottle to be produced, but the wait is worth your while.

HotVapes Review

The HotVapes online store is probably more interesting design-wise than the store in Wicker Park, but customer service is of the same high standards across the board. Shop décor is barely worth considering when employees are fantastic. Call, email, go to their Facebook page, or stop by if you wonder which kit will suit your experience level and how much time you spend vaping daily.


Products include items like a Torpedo Twist 900 kit with USB for $38 and the Innokin VV V3. Buy a Vapeonly CE5-S BDCC for $9.

Vapor juice is probably what clients get most excited about when they enter the HotVapes shop and dominates their product line. With over a hundred flavors, you could spend a lot of time just trying them out. They come in 6 nicotine levels and are sold in 17ml bottles. This is a strange number, but $10 bottle is a hot price.

Some of the flavors they sell are 555 Tobacco, Root Beer Float, and Papaya Strawbango Smoothie. HotVapes selections are categorized under “Big Heart,” “Organic,” and “Shisha.”

If you are not in the Chicago area and want to buy HotVapes juice in person, the company welcomes wholesale enquiries from other vaping shops.


Overall, HotVapes is an affordable place to shop. According to their website, items cost less than $100, with just three exceptions such as the exquisite Arc Precision Viper Mechanical Mod.

Batteries for 510 and 808D e cigs cost $9, automatic or manual. Pay $28 for a 900mAh eGo Twist battery.