Hoosier Vapes

You know Hoosier Vapes comes from Indiana because Indiana is home to the Hoosiers (the movie was based on a real team, by the way). Hoosier Vapes provides a selection of electronic cigarette kits and heavier mods, juice, tanks, and more.

Their goal at the start was to help new vapers adjust. Every vaper soon discovers that, unless he sticks with mini cigs, there is going to be maintenance involved with a rechargeable electronic cigarette. Finding a reliable supplier for these items is worth your efforts.

Hoosier Vapes Review

A lot of consumers want to support American e liquid suppliers, but they are also eager to buy products from local suppliers. Hoosier has the products and prices to demand interest and encourage local patronage, perhaps even a wider audience.

Evolution Tanks

Hoosier makes a tank that is so beautiful you will want to buy one for your e cig and one for your mantle piece. Maybe you’ll fill it with colored sand or something. The tops, bottoms, and mouthpieces are made of matching marbled acrylic. Stock is categorized according to color grouping. Material for the tanks is polycarbonate: sturdy but inexpensive to replace. The unit as a whole, however, sells for $49.99.

You won’t be paying that much at Hoosier for tanks and drip tips, generally. Evolution tanks are special. RDAs and RBAs are reasonably priced and include the AGA TD and Chithaka. If you buy an RSST RBA from Smoktech, Hoosier sells posts for it. Looking after your system can get pretty technical.


Overwhelmed by the mechanical gizmos on sale, new vapers tend to circle around the eGo section. Customers can pay $69.99 for an eGo Starter Kit or $39.99 for a 510. The EVOD starter sells for $19.99.

Modern Mods

A Piston is both a car part and a telescoping mod with a 510 thread. It works with 18350/500/650 batteries, comes with a beauty ring, and features a cover for your atomizer/cartomizer. The price is a ridiculously low $26.99, but that’s on sale. The Piston’s name is apropos by the way: that’s exactly what it looks like.

Back to Business

Hoosier wants to give other vapers an opportunity: become an affiliate or a distributor. Share the wealth available in this new field of business. Their store is located in Anderson Indiana with authorized dealers in Carmel, Cedar Lake, Kokomo, and Muncie, Indiana. Retailers are usually smoke shops but one of them is a grocery store.