Hoosier Ecig

Hoosier Ecig is an online ecig store showcasing products like ecigs, ecig accessories, atomizers, cartridges, cartomizers and other ecig tools. It also produces its own unique custom blended flavors for ecig enthusiast.

You will also find mainstream flavors on the website to pick from. While Hoosier mostly showcases products from other modded ecig brands, it also showcases some of its own unique modded ecigs.

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This brand has wowed me with their amazing innovation, world class products, and extreme dedication to making the best vaping experience.

One feature that sets Hoosier apart from other ecig stores is its unique take on drippers. Ecig drippers are little liquid drippers that enthusiasts use to insert flavor directly into a custom atomizer for added taste. Hoosier has produced something unique known as the Trippy Tips.

While these act just like a dripper, they are different because they have a very unique look to them. Each of the trippy tips from Hoosier has a unique pattern design on them to help customers pick a dripper that suits their personality.

Apart from that, you will find the usual stuff showcased on most ecig standalone stores. For instance, you can find your favorite modded ecig from JoyeTech, Kanger and many other brands. If you know how to customize an electronic cigarette, you will find everything you need here. Also if you are a custom ecig builder who uses different parts to create your own ecig, you will find plenty of spare parts to choose from to design your own unique ecig.

Unlike other ecig stores online, Hoosier is not limited to ecig parts. The platform also has many unique flavors on shelf for you to purchase. All the flavors are produced in their labs which are situated in the USA. If you don’t like mainstream flavors, you can pick a custom blend from Hoosier to enhance the flavor of your favorite ecig or just try something new for a change.