Highbrow Vapor

Highbrow Vapor is an online ecigarette store specializing in custom ecig juice blends. This site is intended only for those who are tired of using mainstream flavors offered by mainstream brands. If you use an APV, you will find plenty of ecig blends here to use with your tank system.

Official Website: http://highbrowvapor.com

You can either choose to refill your tank with the blend or use a drip tip to insert liquid produced by Highbrow Vapor as you smoke. With the dip trip method, the flavor lasts for 20 hits or so before it goes down.

VaporZone Jet**Notable Mention**

If you are on the market for either advanced personal vaporizers, or custom blended e-cig juices, you’ll want to check out VaporZone.

Pictured here is their Jet kit.

They have an amazing line of both APV’s and e-liquid. Their flavors exceed 30,000 varieties of customizeable mixes.

Their website is: http://vaporzone.com

Our Review:

Now speaking more about Highbrow Vapor, it is a unique online store in its own way. For instance, Highbrow Vapor doesn’t want you to take it as an e-juice store.

It actually wants you to treat it like a winery for ecigs. Just like wineries are, Highbrow has a family business. They want to create flavors for a long time from now and want to be taken as a winery for ecig flavors.

Whats really good about this ecig store is the attention to detail given on almost every aspect of the website. There are clean banners that easily attract people on their first visit and a color palette that gives you a very warm welcome.

You will also be pleased by the attention of detail given to the fonts of the website and how easily it is to navigate through it. We usually don’t see many websites out there who care about how their website looks like, so full points for Highbrow vapor on this.

As far as the flavors go, there are so many flavors to pick from that it would be impossible to list them all down here. So take your seat, relax back and go through the website; you will be there for a long time trying to figure what to get.

Visit: http://highbrowvapor.com