Heathers Heavenly Vapes

Heathers Heavenly Vapes produces custom ecig blends and allows users to customize and create their own unique blend. We picked up a few samples to test out the taste and delivery of the ecig flavors and this is what we found out.

First off all, it is important to note that HHV takes time to ship your custom blends. This is not true for pre-made blends by the company. This is because when you place an order, your blend is created from scratch and is then forwarded to you. This process can take about 4-7 days to complete. The only problem with their delivery system is that they do not ship for free. You will have to pay a minimum fee depending on the area you live before you can get your juice.

Vapor quality from these flavors is pretty decent. Nearly all flavors from HHV contain 50% VG which produces a dense vapor. Some of their flavors are also 30% VG only but still produce satisfying vapor. HHV is great if you are looking for a nice throat hit because these guys really know how to produce a flavor that lives up to the expectation of the user.

There are tons of flavors available to pick from Heathers Heavenly Vapes. There are so many available infact that you may find it hard not to get lost. But the good thing is that you can always custom create your own flavor if you can’t make a choice from pre-made flavors.

Heathers Heavenly Vapes flavors are available in bottled form only. These contents of each bottle start from 6ml and goes way over to 50ml. between these two, you can also get 15ml and 30 ml bottles. Most of these flavors also allow you to select the nicotine strength and the content of PG and VG for personal taste.