Electronic cigarettes eventually evolve into mechanical mods if your interest in them goes that far. There is a strong contingent of vapers that believe vaping at its best is done using a mechanical device, not an electronic APV. The only thing electronic here is the need for a battery, but certain mods do not have circuit boards, screens, or puff counters.

Count in your head and enjoy the power and beauty of a mechanical device. Many people are put off by their price of mods made in Greece, the Philippines, and the United States, but HCigar makes an array of lovely, affordable mechanical mods, atomizers, and accessories. Their products are carried by numerous shops and online vendors.

hcigar.comHCigar Review: Chinese Innovation

The Chinese electronic cigarette industry has done it again. Not only is this country responsible for most electronic cigarettes on the market, but they create stunning articles by HCigar like the Nemesis and Stingray. HCigar is located in Shenzhen where their product list includes drip tips, atomizers, mods, variable voltage e-cigs, eGo kits, accessories, and e-liquid.

Mechanical Mods

The Stingray

Vapor World carries the gorgeous brass Stingray for about $45. Three tubes permit the use of three battery sizes plus a Kick if you want to adjust voltage.

With the smallest battery the Stingray is a compact device for its class. The top cap provides a natural vent to keep the atomizer cool.

A floating positive pin adjusts automatically. Press the magnetic button, located on the bottom of your Stingray, to get your vape party started.

Nemesis: Friend, not Foe

A Nemesis in e cig terms is a $30 mechanical mod made of stainless steel, laser etched and ergonomically designed. Three sizes of tubes accommodate three sizes of batteries.

Adjust airflow your liking. Serial numbers are engraved onto each piece, and these days consumers are eager to be among the first 100 to buy a model, adding to the unit’s value. Buy yours at Vapor Royalty.

Flip Out

The Flip by HCigar is a luxurious item made of 304 food grade stainless steel. Use a 500, 650, or 650-rated battery with a Kick. The Flip is deeply engraved, to the point that images stand out nearly in relief: what HCigar calls 3D engraving. A version made with some gold plating is astronomically priced, which is unusual for the HCigar line.

Atomizers by HCigar

An atomizer is your mechanical mod’s best friend. It is typically rebuildable, often aesthetically complementary, and provides the tank and resistance profile to suit your vaping pleasure.

Trident by HCigar

A trident for about $25 provides consumer-adjustable resistance and airflow. Just twist the atomizer to change this latter feature. Posts are copper plated. Drip e-juice into the atty or use it with other materials. That makes it a really flexible item if you are interested in vaporizing herbs.

Striker Atomizer

HCigar has built an Atmomixani Clone called a Striker and you can be sure the $25 charge is much cheaper than what that Greek firm would have you pay for the real thing. Furthermore, HCigar makes more of their version than Atmomixani makes of theirs, so the Striker is likely to be in stock when you want it.

Vape PlayGround warns users that the Striker should only be purchased by advanced vapers. It is rebuildable and adjustable with a relatively large area for moving things around. Thread this to any 510 device. Single and dual coil configurations are both possible with this elegant atomizer.

That advice about advanced users rebuilding atomizers pertains to the damage one can do by wrapping coils incorrectly and causing a short circuit. Electronic APVs might possess built-in protection, but not mechanical mods unless a protective device is added.

Patriot Clone

This is a truly great bargain at less than $30 from Viper Vape in its own gift box. Cooling stems give this gorgeous RBA an unusual look while permitting the atomizer to remain at a safe temperature. It is 100% stainless steel with room to move around while wrapping coils. The dripping well is deep to prevent overflow. On the outside an eagle has been engraved: very patriotic. Threading works with 510 drip tips.

HCigar Lavatube 2.0

The original Lavatube is a Volcano E Cigs product; their version of an electronic mod featuring three buttons and a sturdy tube. The HCigar Lavatube 2.0 takes on a similar shape, but not with the anodized aluminum colors of a Volcano.

A kit from HCigar for this device contains two batteries (choose 18350, 500, or 650), a clearomizer, the control unit, and a charger. You should be able to get about 1800 puffs from a fully-charged battery. My guess is that an HCigar version will be cheaper than the Volcano one.

HCigar also makes tanks to fit their electronic cigarettes: CE3, CE4, right up to a CE9.

Drip Tips by HCigar

You might overlook the humble drip tip when you first search for acceptable and affordable vaping equipment, but no electronic cigarette set-up past the min cig is complete without a drip tip. This piece acts as a mouthpiece and funnel to ensure juice goes where it should go: straight down the hole.

Yet, its practical purpose frequently pales in comparison to this item’s beauty or novelty. Drip Tips by HCigar are shaped like levers, bullets, a jerrican, and a muffler.

Those are just samples of many shapes. Apart from all-metal items, colored ones liven up the dripping experience. One can see how collecting drip tips could become a hobby of its own.

Some Companies

There are electronic cigarette companies from the internet and in physical shops so impressed with HCigar products that they carry only their mods: nothing else in that class. This is an astonishing statement about the quality of their products.

In spite of the very low prices charged for most of their items compared to high-end products made by Vicious Ant et al, certain HCigar mods are so beautiful they sell out in large numbers. An advantage of HCigar over costlier competition is that their goods are almost always available for purchase, not awaiting new stock.