Grizzly Vapes Review

The entire Grizzly Vapes lineup begins with a strangely named bear; one that sounds softer; more whimsical than an actual Grizzly. Grizzly Bears are often reported as being mean for no reason, like wasps only bigger.

Hikers will avoid the mountains where Grizzlies hang out in early spring as they emerge from hibernation. You want to give them a wide birth, like a state or two. Not so with Grizzly Vapes. Their labels portray those magnificent beasts, but their contents are anything but grizzly as this Grizzly Vapes review is sure to prove.

Becoming a Cult Classic

Grizzly Vapes juices are becoming cult classics among vapers who talk about it reverently like something unique and collectible. You have to be lucky enough to find the label in stock to know what I mean, but once you get hooked there is no going back.

A lot of consumers refer to one of the three liquids as being their favorite of a certain type. Grizzly Vapes has not posted its own website or even a Facebook page, but you will find them without much trouble. The only trouble is, will you find out much about them?

Frustrations in Vaping Territory

It’s going to be hard as an e-liquid company, especially a small one, to stay afloat and keep one’s temper (especially if you are grizzly to start with) when the FDA stick their nose in. Their reasons are good ones, though; they reflect a common frustration among e-liquid consumers who search, often fruitlessly, for details about the people behind a juice.

Many consumers want to know what kind of lab was used during mixing, the profile of ingredients (USP, USDA organic, etc), and are keen to be sure that giving up cigarettes for vaping is not like hopping from volcano to tornado. Of course vaping is quite likely to be safer (no one is allowed to say it 100% is until further tests are scientifically verified), but how safe is that really when companies don’t tell you anything about themselves?

The Juices by Grizzly Vapes

Moving along to the euphoria that is Grizzly Vapes liquids, that first juice mentioned at the top is Nanner Bear: their original flavor upon which the other two are based. Various people detect different top, bottom, and middle notes to the point where they could all be talking about several different juices.

Nope: it’s just Nanner Bear messing with your taste buds in a good way. Each inhale and exhale really is somewhat different owing to the mingling of banana, coconut, and other notes. Nanner Bear is gently sweet with a touch of tobacco and is probably not known as a tobacco with sweet notes. NB has its priorities straight.

Next in line is Koko Bear which uses Nanner Bear as its base but builds up and out without destroying the original. Koko is aptly chosen for the richness of chocolate underpinned by vanilla. It’s a constant favorite. Great care was taken to work the two together in a synchronistic way.

Finally, Polar Bear is named wisely for the strong ice menthol found between Nanner Bear layers. Though sweet, this one is powerful too, like a cuddly-looking polar bear when it shows its teeth.

New from Grizzly Vapes

Another flavor, not yet launched officially, is Sunrise. Creamy with blueberry and honey, you might wonder: is this reminiscent of creamed honey with blueberries or blueberries with cream and honey? Make up your own mind and be satisfied because all that matters is your enjoyment. Sunrise is another winner.

The Simple Line

Grizzly Vapes also makes juices which, in keeping with the series name, are straightforward, not complex like the first three. Unlike their multi-faceted relatives, these are 5 basics. Number 1 is authentic, unsweetened tobacco. Enjoy chocolate-mint vapor from #2. If you like bananas, the third “Simple” e-liquid is for you. Orange emanates from the fourth of these juices with chocolate orange bringing up the rear.

The Make-up of Grizzly Vapes

These are VG-heavy e-liquids and though Koko Bear contains some PG, you notice the thickness and vapor production of a weighty liquid. They are bottled in plastic LDPE bottles and created using a process that makes them shelf-stable for longer than other products. They are also pre-steeped and made in the United States.

Distribution of Grizzly Vapes

Steam Monkey handles distribution of Grizzly Vapes. They don’t make it, but their wholesale price sets the general cost: $15 for 30mls.

Another way to find Grizzly Vapes is to visit Axiom Vaping. They have created a blend of their Giant Cloud Rat with the Grizzly Vapes Nanner to form Cloud Bear Rat. It doesn’t sound promising, but rat juice never does. Expect great things though.


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