Green Smart Living

Green Smart Living is not the title of a magazine for environmentally conscious consumers. It is an e cig company. What is so green about e cigs you might ask, with the amount of e waste they produce? In comparison to analog cigs, e cigs are very green, and GSL is just one example of how and why.

Green Smart Living Review

Look at the starter kit, a $22.95 express item. It is fully rechargeable and comes with a pre-charged battery. Connect a cartridge (you get two) and start puffing. Instead of dropping butts on the ground or blowing toxic smoke rings into the air, you are puffing on vapor and a single cartridge lasts the equivalent of several butts.

This is the main point: customers are not inhaling toxins; bystanders are not gagging on poison. Smokers often lose their sense of taste, or it is dulled by smoking. They will soon taste food again by switching to vaping.

Quantifying what this means to the earth overall if millions of people are switching will take some time. It will certainly mean a lot to the overloaded medical system, at least one day when the youngest generation of new smokers does not wind up with cancer and emphysema.


Vaping is also smart as the name suggests. Instead of buying countless packages and cartons which cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars yearly, you buy cartridge refills. These are a lot cheaper overall. Five of them from GSL cost $13.95, undercutting the usual price but about $1 per five. Those dollars quickly add up.

One really nice thing about e cigs is that you are no longer restricted to puffing on tobacco and menthol. Neither of these really tastes like tobacco or mint because of the poisons spoiling their flavor and aroma.

When it comes to e cigs, no smoke is created, only vapor. You get to truly enjoy tobacco, menthol, but also vanilla, coffee, and fruit aromas and flavors. GSL also offers an unusual refill taste: Acai Berry.

I have only one criticism. Nicotine jumps from zero or 6mg to 18mg. There should be a middle option.