Grand Vapor

The quality of Grand Vapor products is no myth, but their products have the look of legends. I am especially fond of the Triton, so true in name to its looks.

A Small Triton

The real Triton (real as in made-up) is a long stick with three points on the end belonging to the god of the sea: Neptune (Roman) or Poseidon (Greek). Grand Vapor has the three-point post right, but their unit isn’t long. It can be made longer, though, with its multiple configuration capabilities.

Use it with a single, dual, or quad coil. This is a sturdy-looking, heavy stainless steel mod. Users indicate that it makes a little bit of noise, but they like the style and options. Also, this RBA costs about $100. For a mod that’s not legendary.

The Sentinel could cost you around $180. It has a two-toned finish of brass or copper plus aluminum. The telescopic design allows you to enlarge it and use the unit with all kinds of batteries. Contacts are silver plated. This is a very good product, smaller than you would expect, with fabulous performance. It doesn’t get great marks for style, but you will like your vapor production.

Prometheus is a figure of Greek mythology. At Grand Vapor, he is made of stainless steel with diamond cut edges and a copper center pin. You pay $170.00 or so. Airflow is adjustable. The kit comes with its own Allen key because you will be replacing the positive and negative screws at some point. Another product, the Armada Hybrid, will set you back $250.00.

Identifying Grand Vapor

This Grand Vapor review would come up short if I did not mention that the company is based in the Philippines. Unlike many Asian manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, this company writes a long article about how it got started; an essay in 3rd person about someone called “Grand Vapor.”

He couldn’t quit smoking until he found electronic cigarettes: it’s a common story. Man meets e cig; man tries e cig; man switches for good; man gets bored and needs more power; man meets mod and is hooked.

Grand Vapor only makes mods and parts of mods. There is a homepage for the company and you can see them on Facebook, but electronic vaping sites provide a variety of prices.