Gourmet Vapor

Being an e juice maker is a bit like being a chef if you are committed to making high quality products. The alternative is to dump set ratios of just anything into a vial, mix it up, and give it a name. In cooking terms, the contrast is like comparing a line cook to a gourmet chef.

Hand-crafted juices are created by blenders who care about the end result, about their customers, and their good name. With the word “Gourmet” in their name, you would expect a Gourmet Vapor review to reveal the many layers of high-class e liquid at its best.

gourmetvapor.comReviewing Nicotine Juice for Gourmets

That is sometimes what you get: juice that surpasses expectations. Sometimes, though, consumers post comments suggesting anyone with sense should avoid this place.

Yet the website features photos and video reviews by real people. They are willing to put their names behind positive ratings, which is a positive sign for the company.

Most impressions are good, although I get the impression “gourmet” might be going too far. If Gourmet Vapor asked customers to pay $20 for 30mls instead of $10.50 (so inexpensive) there could be an outcry.

Flavor Profiles of Gourmet Vapor E Liquids

The 7 headings for e juices are:

• Gourmet
• Popular
• Customer creations
• Tobacco
• Fruit
• Menthol
• Dessert

You can imagine how many e liquids this spread of categories gives rise to, even though some items span two or more categories. They are neatly organized and each one is paired with a set of images indicative of layers.

So, a creamy fruit vape will show images of cream and type of fruit next to it in a tiny square. Vanilla bean stems, pieces of caramel, and tobacco leaves indicate that you are looking at RY4. Just zoom in a little to see the pictures more clearly.

Titles for Nicotine Liquids

Besides RY4 Gourmet Vapor sells a medium, lightly sweet tobacco called Red Marble. PomBlue presents a fruity pomegranate and blueberry nicotine juice. Try Vanilla Gorilla: a creamy vanilla vape. If it’s an ape then the vanilla is probably bold.

The 420 mixes Absolute Tobacco with Cuban Tobacco plus maple syrup and vanilla for smooth but sweet inhale. Bubble Gum tastes of raspberries and, well, bubble gum. You get the picture: most of the names offer a clue as to what flavorings the e liquid blend contains.

Under Customer Creations some revelations emerged, like Baklava Honey Dessert, Almond Roca, and Hard Irish Cream. The last features strands of cocoa, almond, whiskey, and marshmallow. Monkey Coffee swirls coffee, chocolate, and banana crème together into an unthought-of specialty drink.

Customers come up with some of the best offerings out of the entire selection. In the Customer Creation section you are invited to blend up to four flavors at a time, but you have to be a member so you can sign in. As a member you belong to the incentive program, like a loyalty or rewards account.

Juices In General

The base for all of these e liquids is made from both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. A particular blend of propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin is recommended for each flavor but feel free to vary the numbers as you see fit. Ask for an extra shot or two extra shots of flavor if this suits you. The highest amount of nicotine available in any of their juices is 2.4%.

Bottles sell for as little as $4.95 (10mls) and up to $89.55 (500mls). This makes Gourmet Vapor a go-to place for ready-made DIY flavors. Buy 10mls of several at a time to create mixtures of your own creation.

All of the blends above are made in the United States. The company itself operates from Ogden Utah. Gourmet Vapor has not chosen to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and if they did this could boost their rating from a B+ to A- or A.

One of the main reasons they cannot achieve a higher grade is that the BBB keeps trying to find out more about the company; approaching them and receiving no response from Gourmet Vapor. This e liquid company might as well get used to all the attention. The FDA will be making even more enquiries of them soon.

Grading the Gourmet Vapor Website

Gourmet Vapor is laid out in such a way that finding flavors and learning about them is easily done. The site lacks gimmicks. There are no fancy banners, promotional offers, gimmicky products, or even electronic cigarettes. Not a single drip tip clutters their lineup.

The homepage backdrop could have put me off with its reliance on shades of brown instead of white plus dark font. Instead, the mellow colors soothed my eyes which had been assaulted by too many cosmic-colored labels and neon products on other e liquid websites. With stitching detail in various places the effect was one of fresh leather: classy, warm, and comfortable.

Use this site to find out news about the electronic cigarette industry. There is also a link to Vape TV at the bottom.