Good Life Vapor

Good Life Vapor: doesn’t the name alone make you want to try them? Could it be that just by trying e juice by this company you feel as though you are living the life you always wanted? Okay, that is an exaggeration. The choice that gives you a second chance at the good life is vaping e cigs filled with quality e liquid instead of choosing smoke-producing cigarettes or low-end e juice from cigalikes.

GoodLifeVapor.comGood Life Vapor Review: Great Product

What is this stuff and why is it so good?

Good Life Vapor is a selection of top-quality liquids made to order. This makes such a difference to the flavor. Anyone who has vaped stale e juice can tell you: there is steeped and then there is plain old.

Because of this policy and their popularity with the vaping public, Good Life Vapor has let everyone know that three days might not be enough to get your orders out. Every e juice is mixed as it comes in; not one is rushed ahead of anyone else. That means your product will be shipped in a little over three days and will only arrive more quickly if you pay for expedited shipping.

Each blend contains a ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin suitable to the flavor. Although their Nebbia flavors are dominated by VG, the others could contain any ratio according to their style (fruit, cream, tobacco, etc.)

Signature Blends

Out of 23 Signature Blends, I will look at just a handful to give readers a taste of what Good Life Vapor has to offer. Beach Bonfire combines strawberry, coconut, cinnamon, and rum into a juice resembling a daiquiri. It’s like a tropical picnic cocktail.

Where do you stand on coffee e juice? Disregard the instant coffee flavors by cigalike companies: 9 2 5 is more complex and richer featuring the flavors of tiramisu but also coffee and chocolate. You might compare it to a fancy coffee.

Dorky Pattie combines bittersweet chocolate with peppermint. Another minty flavor is Shamrock Fairy: Absinthe plus creamy mint milkshake. You can even add menthol to cool it down further.

Speaking of cool, Frozen Georgia Peach is one of the iced flavors in the Signature lineup. Warm up with Fairy Blood: anise, strawberry, and clementine. I’ve seen e juices featuring tangerine, grapefruit, or orange, but clementine is an unusual choice. Lastly, YoPlay Parlay is another creamy vape: yogurt, berries, and granola.

Nebbia E Juices: Vape Thick Clouds

There are seven choices in this menu, all of them high-vegetable glycerin. Kustard is like an egg custard without being too eggy (think homemade custard, not scrambled eggs). Vanilla reminds you this is a dessert e juice not the main course. There are lots of custards out there: this one is thicker than a lot of them. Lucky #7 takes banana fruit and candies it lightly so it sits between candied and authentic fruit. It’s amazing how a deft hand in the mixing room can do that.

Red Berry Dream is a strawberry cream e juice like strawberry milk. You have seen it before and you will see it again. Vapers love strawberry milk. At least, Good Life Vapor does things right so if a previous attempt to enjoy a similar style went sour, try Good Life Vapor’s Red Berry Dream. The bar will be raised.

The Virtu Line

Contrary to their name, these e juices reflect a lack of virtue. The five sinful sips are Breathless Mahoney, Cozmic Crunch, Juicy Joose, Sweet Criminal, and Panty Dropper. They surely don’t sound like choir boys.

Ratings by Good Life Vapor Clients

One of the top flavors at Good Life Vapor is El Kamino, one of their tobacco e juices. This is one of their juices that have been reviewed frequently so you can really research it before buying the juice. Good Life Vapor carries a few tobacco options, English Bulldog being another. The latter is a mystery e juice (try it and tell the world what Good Life Vapor was thinking of since they won’t say), but El Kamino will cause you to recollect a type of cigar.

Their Newminster No.23 is another popular flavor when you look at customer comments online. Clients have also really enjoyed Orange Tic Tac, Cozmic Crunch, and Zombie Blood. Ratings are generally high with vapers impressed even by flavors they did not expect to enjoy. Good Life Vapor made converts out of more than one person who wrote, “I never thought I’d like (fill in your least favorite flavor) and now I do!”

Summing Up

For a high-end juice, this stuff sells for a really affordable price: $6 for 10 ml and up to 24 mg of nicotine. What I like about their selection is that it really is a selection, not a narrow choice between fruits and more fruits.

It’s not that fruit e juices are bad (Good Life Vapor’s Pain Killer e juice from the Signature selection is a delicious but mild blend of citrus and tropical fruit), but there are still vapers who like the taste of tobacco in their e juice; vapers who enjoy the flavor even more now that it isn’t overpowered by tar and carbon monoxide. They didn’t stop smoking cigarettes to get away from tobacco but to stop the damage it was doing to their bodies and their wallets.

As a Good Life Vapor customer, you can experience excellent e liquid without expanding your budget. I love it when a company gives clients the goods without ripping them off. Whoever said you have to pay almost a dollar per milliliter didn’t know about Good Life Vapor.

Get even more vape for your buck at 30 ml for $15 or 50 ml for $20. You can really live large at Good Life Vapor while paying small, as though you were just getting by. That’s one of the beautiful aspects of online sales: the internet makes e juice cheaper without cheapening products.