Good Guy Vapes

Was Goodfellas set in New Jersey? I can’t remember. It’s just that Good Guy Vapes makes me think of that movie, yet their logo depicts a conservative-looking character with glasses and a “thumbs-up” who is not carrying a baseball bat, a knife, or anything. He reinforces a “good guys” image in the world of vapor, something they nail on the head with a friendly and demystifying approach.

Quick Review

Good Guys is based in Clifton, North New Jersey. Here you will find a great shop: simple but amply stocked, especially with juice. They sell a few varieties from several brands; Jameson’s Irish Vapor Juice, Five Pawns, Suicide Bunny, The Standard Vape, Epicus Nebula Vapor, ELiq Cube, and their own juice. That’s plenty; a selection of boutique liquids plus their own, more affordable brand. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. They have set their limit pretty low.

The actual store is open 7 days a week, but you can reach employees by email and phone too. Watch for some good deals floating around periodically.

Liquid for E Cigs at GGV

Good Guy Vapes is made at a ratio of 70% propylene glycol / 30% vegetable glycerin. They have created Brunts (banana Runts), Peach Lemonade, Big League Tobacco (a bit nutty), Wubblicious (watermelon bubble gum), and Mt. Deux (like a similar-sounding pop). There are others; not a huge lineup, but enough. Ten milliliters sells for $4.99 and you can’t beat that price for American-made e juice.

Five Pawns was mostly sold out when I looked up their products. Jameson’s is a high-end juice in flavors like Tanjello (tangerine) and Peaches and Cream. A 30ml bottle sells for $25. That is a good price for the volume, but customers would probably like a smaller option.

Epicus makes delicious looking brunch-style liquids like waffles and Crème de la Crepe. This indulgent offering tastes of strawberries, crepe, cream, and chocolate. $15.99 gets you 30mls: again, what’s with the huge bottle size?