Ghost Modder

Don’t let the spectral images on Ghost Modder’s put you off. Those mystical creatures are all for show. Really nice people at GM sell great products. All of them are made in the United States. This helps to explain why their mods are expensive and not always in stock. Actually, lots of products were unavailable when I checked, but be patient. You will probably be glad you waited.

A Ghost Modder Review

The Shadow has a 510 connection, brass construction and contacts, and a recessed firing pin for aesthetic continuity. There is only a 0.2 voltage drop, which is pretty darn good.

This is just one of the three mods they sell (when in stock) at Ghost Modder, each of them pricey, reliable, and powerful. Besides those there are parts like brass tubes in multiple styles, all for $30. Their tips are all expensive: the Big “G” Brass, Legoboo Brass, Ghost TI 23, and more: always $20+ dollars and constructed to outlive the user.

Five Kinds of Supernatural E Liquid

Besides devices, Ghost Modder is known for its juice. OG Slice is a cream flavored delight with a hint of vanilla. No.5 will remind you of a pineapple milkshake. Try Monkey Biz for a heady blend of strawberry, banana, and vanilla. Cherry Bomb and Citron Bomb are self-explanatory.

Here’s the catch: bottles are 30mls and cost $20. The price, broken down into smaller increments, is about $4 per 6mls. That’s not bad. The only thing is that a lot of people hate having to buy such a lot all at once.

Ghost Modder also sells juice made by others, like Shoreline Vapes, Drakes Vapes, and Five Pawns. Faded Vapes, available in 6 or 18mg strength, costs $22 per 30mls. Their flavors include the unique Cloud Princess (papaya plum), God Father (vanilla custard, caramel, tobacco), and BBT (a melon blend).

Looking for Ghost Modder

You won’t have any trouble finding vapor shops and online e liquid or electronic cigarette stores selling GM products including apparel. There are at least 13 distributors noted on their website, and these figures tend to change. Ghost Modder is highly thought of by experienced vapers and their liquid is top notch.