G2 Vapor

Since the craze for e liquid started a year or two ago, craft liquid vendors have been emerging thick and fast. Among their number are many USA-made liquids, so there is no question of being forced to buy juice from Asia or Europe; not to obtain good prices, quality liquids, or exceptional choice.

For a while, though, you might have wondered if California had a strangle hold on the craft juice market. Not where the makers of G2 Vapor are concerned. They are from Maryland.


G2 Vapor LLC has entered this scene at a prime time business wise, but a difficult time for the industry. This and all e liquid companies face some strict regulations in the next 12 months from the Food and Drug Administration in every state. For now, though, get to know an award-winning crafter of juices.

Spinfuel Award Winner

Clinton Legg has the distinction of selling juice that wins awards. As writers comment, there aren’t that many varieties sold by G2 Vapor and one of those forms the core for more than one.

G2 sells an Original line and the Ultra Premium Selection. All labels feature artistry of an irreverent and sometimes horrifying kind. A few stick out in your mind.

DeShock features a little girl standing there, looking coy, with a chainsaw in her hand and what looks like a mess of blood all over her. Look more closely and she has eviscerated a raspberry, but the shock value has done its work.

CaRY4 features an evil clown: you can tell by his grin. G2 Vapor presumably chose this motif because of the carnival-style flavors found therein.

Another juice features a well-endowed woman on a motorbike. These labels will certainly make you look twice, for better or worse, but they made you look and that’s the important thing.

G2 Vapor Originals

The basis for three juices in the Original series is Shocker: a raspberry and anise mixture. For sophisticated taste buds awaiting an unusual blend, this is it. Just do not use it in a plastic tank or it might crack. Shocker is balanced but with loads of throat hit.

The second Shocker is known as DeShock: raspberries with anise again, this time with other fruits. Finally, Blue Pop Shock turns raspberries into the blue raspberries of a particular lollipop which is both tart and sweet.

Next on the list is CaRy4. Try as you might, you will be unable to connect this formula to anything on the periodic table, but as fusions go, CaRy4 is at least as familiar to vapers as good old H20. Vanilla, caramel, and tobacco produce the same RY4 mixture, this time Clinton Legg style.

Notice hints of kettle corn and batter according to one writer. In other words, Legg’s RY4 is totally different form the rest. Throat hit is excellent.

Blackberries, pipe tobacco, and vanilla form El Bacco: like blackberries and ice cream. Sugar cookies and caramel chips become Mr. Cookie. Finally, Mr. Nurple won’t turn you purple, but it tastes purple like a grape soda sensation.

Menthol is completely absent from the G2 Vapors menu, but they do a good job including fruits in various styles (candy and dessert) plus tobacco.

Premium G2 E Liquid

Vazilla combines vanilla and custard plus a special bonus: icing. You should also taste a thread of butterscotch.

Select Gilligan’s Island and feel like you got lost at sea in a good way; lost where tropical fruits fall off the trees at your feet. They must have cows on this island because G2 Vapors blends fruit with milk.

How do you make a monkey drunk? Feed him bananas, cream, and rum. Call the vape juice a Drunk Monkey. That was easy.

Finally, Cactus Juice is sort of a wild card. Invented by a friend of the owner, this one contains orange, tangerine, pineapple, and lemonade for a tangy and refreshing alternative to fruit and candy vapes.

Purchase G2 Vapor

A 30ml bottle of G2 Vapor costs about $18, but there are loads of vendors carrying it. Visit All About Vapor, Domo Vapor, Pioneer Vapes, or Giant Vapes. Log on to Excite Vapor, SS Vape, or Electronic Stix. These and other juice vendors carry G2V, so expect at least some pricing variation.

When you select a flavor your only choice besides vendor and bottle size is nicotine strength: 6, 12, or 24mg. A 50/50 ratio has already been decided upon for most liquids except the Premium vapes which are VG dominant and, thus, produce thick vapor. Tamper-proof seals cover each bottle which is not childproof by the way. Shake it before dripping and get yourself a dropper: there isn’t one built into the cap.

Finding G2V in Your State

There is a little problem with distribution at this point. Online sales help the vaper who lives in blank states where no one is taking up the G2 Vapor call, but that still makes for a gap where physical shops are concerned. The map on G2V’s site shows Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wyoming to be among states without distributors.

Their reach from Maryland, however, is still extensive. States are color coded: green ones enjoy excellent distribution. In yellow ones, distribution is good.